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This Way To My Blog

Monday, January 20, 2014

You Are My Sunshine.

Boy! Was it a beautiful sunshiny day after a morning of thick fog and pear burning. According to the weatherman another very cold spell is heading our way so we decided to hit the back roads and enjoy the day. Wonder of wonders we found a road we had not traveled on or even heard of. The name of the road started with a U and was four letters but it wasn't Ugly. Pretty big oak trees and houses scattered few and far between. Got me to thinking. It would be pretty to be able to view wild life and have peace and quiet. On the other hand you would have to remember to buy everything when you went shopping. Too far to run to WalMart if you didn't have the proper supplies for a recipe or if you needed emergency products. John and I use WalMart as our social event and it happens several times a week. If we need it or want it, go get it. Visit with people we know, catch up on the news. We lived in the country until I was in third grade and I remember it being lonely for a kid, as my sister was four years younger and couldn't be turned loose outside the yard where I played. Some nice person made me a tall high rope swing. I can remember pumping with my feet and legs until I was swinging as high as I could go and singing "You Are My Sunshine" as loud as I could. No one around so no matter I couldn't carry a tune.


TexWisGirl said...

the nearest walmart to me is about 27 miles away - any of 4 of them are about that distance. but we're getting one, soon, in town which is only 13 miles away. :)

S. J. Qualls said...

I am nearly in the same situation as TexWisGirl, except town is 9 miles away... Also, I try to avoid Wal Mart.


Our walmart is only a couple miles away. I LOVE the song, You are my Sunshine.

Wendy said...

I love living where we do but yes I try to make a list and only go to town once a week. I think Michael would agree with you though, it is kind of lonely out here for kids. Cows and deer aren't much fun to play with :)

jack69 said...

You gotta be one of a kind. Love this entry on the four letter road that begins with U. Must be Unto, LOL. Yeah some times our RV park is 20 miles from Walmart and that is too much for her.

We are Wal Mart shoppers. since they are pretty consistent across the USA.

We had a city council woman lose her position because she was against Wal Mart building in town, her famous words were:

Needless to say Walmart was built and she lost the next election.

I can just hear little Paula swinging and singing "YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE!"


Your Walmart sounds like our HEB...we go there 'cause it so darned close/convenient.

As for the country livin'....sounds heavenly to me. Peace quiet solitude and wild life!!!

I can see you swinging and singing!! In fact, that very song I used to sing to our daughter as an infant. SHE was the infant of course. LOL

Yep, even for Corpus, we're gonna get to the FREEZE mark. Or it's predicted.

Optimistic Existentialist said...

I love traveling country back roads!! It's such a fun thing to do - especially during spring with the windows rolled down!

shirl72 said...

Love the blog brought back memories about swinging as high as we could. As I grew older I thought what if the swing would break and send me through the air. I was raised in the City. I volunteered my Dad to drive the
Church Bus to take third grade on a field trip to a farm. It was so neat Jack got to ride a pony and I jumped out of a barn into some dried cow patties. Then they told me what they were. The pony was
not trained for riding and threw
Jack off he was he was 4 year old.
Didn't get hurt.

Kath said...

Always wanted to live in th ecountry away from everything Paula,but yes it does have it's drawbacks, I guess.My Asda store, where I shop,which is the same company as your Walmart is about 3 miles from my home.Strangely enough, my FB post was on this very subject today LOL!! Have a good evening Paula.I love the song too,I sing it many times,butI never had a swing like yours LOL!!..Take Care God Bless.Kath xx

Lynne said...

It is a sure cry different than when I grew up. I have a twin sister. She is more the indoors type, barbies and baby dolls. Me on the other hand, give me a bike and the outdoors and I was a happy camper. Now kids have computers and TVs in their rooms so they don't have to use their imagination to play or come up with things to do. Kind of sad.

Lucy said...

It is bitterly cold here with high winds. Supposed to warm up on Fri, the day of my procedure. We will see. I was the baby of the family and raised on a farm. My sister closest to my age was 4 years older and by the time I got to where I could play she was old enough to NOT want to play.