Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Mail Box And Fence For Good Fences

Wouldn't it be cute if it was mowed and trimmed?

Thursday, July 28, 2016

A Gate For Good Fences

Head Acres on one of our favorite country roads.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Flowers For Trey

When we lived on the ranch Trey's Dad was our well man. We got to know Trey because he rode along on well calls with his Dad. I don't know the details but Trey was born with some of his bones in his back missing so he was never able to walk. When he was born evidently his Mother was not able to handle the burden and left Trey and his Dad. His Dad was both Father and Mother and did the best job he could. Taking him to parties in town and leaving him with his friends until he called his Dad to come pick him up. Taking him riding in the truck to look for wild hogs, hunting and anything a normal preteen was doing. John started inviting him out to hunt at the ranch. John and his Dad would lift him in his wheel chair onto the back of a truck and he would watch for deer. He never shot one and I don't know if he had the aim to shoot a deer or not but it made him feel normal when the other boys would talk of their deer hunting trips. The doctors had hopes of a surgery that would "fix" him when he became a certain age but he grew worse and passed before that time. We stopped at his grave site today.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Will This Business Thrive?

This is a new business on a country road. It's name is It's My Business. What would you think it is? Tacos? Hamburgers ? Ice house and soda? No, none of these. Can you see the fancy gowns in the right windows? Hummm, no where else but south Texas. Gowns for the Mexican fifteenth celebration for girls. We'll see.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

First There Was One

Then there was five, now there are four. I told John cats have kittens and she did. He is surprised how much food a cat and her three kittens can eat. One kitten was run over and killed in the intersection while we were gone one day. The funny thing is one kitten was doing a strange thing today. Our dryer vent is not far from the back door. I kept finding the outside part on the ground. I kept putting it back on. Finally I took some grey (to match the brick) masking tape and taped it on. John found one of the kittens trying to get it off. It was not playing it was working hard trying to get that part off which would have exposed a round hole where the lint and air comes out. Why did that kitten want that off so badly? The cats don't go in the house and don't try to so I'm wondering if the cat smelled a mouse or rat that had gone in that vent. I hope not but people are having trouble with rats this year. We even saw one in the intersection by the post office in the middle of the day, not dead either. A friend told me her tenant told her she had a rat in her mobile rental and the rat ate a hole all the way through her purse getting to a cookie that she had left in it. I wish I had thought to make a video of the kitten with such intent to get that vent opened up.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Craving Tamales





Friday afternoon when I took a nap I woke up after dreaming I was eating tamales. Gee I'm in luck tomorrow is Saturday one of the two days we can buy tamales unless it is the holidays. What is so great about that you might say. I guess it is just a south Texas thing but every so often we just have to have a tamale "fix". The only place I know of out in this country is Del Rio Tamale Factory but they are only open on Saturday and Sunday unless you want to drive to San Antonio. I was on the way at 7:30 A.M. Not much traffic and every one on their best driving manners, maybe because it was cool compared to how it gets in the afternoons here when people's tempers seem to flare. I drove by the old rundown hospital that the doctor worked out of who came out to the country to deliver me and four years later my sister. It is ugly but still there. Then I found a place to pull over to take a picture of a colorful flashing sign proclaiming the birthplace of George Strait. The picture didn't come out so you can read it so I'll have to walk closer sometime. Also proclaiming the strawberry capital of Texas. Anyway by the time I drove home John was there from the ranch and we had brunch. I like bread and chopped onions with mine and John likes Ketchup with his, some cold iced tea too and it was a good morning.