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This Way To My Blog

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

A late country ride

John  has Macular Degeneration so can't see very well. I used to be the one who wanted to go for a country ride. Now that I drive he wants to go for a ride. We especially like this road where we seldom see another vehicle. Hardly any houses, but some cows, a couple of horses and sometime a deer or wild turkey. However we do see some sunsets and pretty Oak trees. They have even paved part of it for us. Well not for us I guess. When we first started we saw warning signs go up. A slow truck may have been looking for a calf to steal. Now people, the few we see, wave at the old couple driving slow so John can look  and remember his ranching days and stopping at times to snap a picture.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Cleaning Poem

I asked The Lord to tell me 
Why my house is such a mess.  
He ask if I had been computering' 
And I had to answer yes.   

He told me to get off my fanny
And tidy up the house
And so I started cleaning up---
The smudges off my mouse.

I wiped and shined the top side.
That really did the trick---
I was just admiring my work--
I didn't mean to click.

But click,I did, and oops I found
A real absorbing site
That I got so into---
I was into it all night. Sigh

Nothing changed except my mouse
It's very,very shiny
I guess my house will stay a mess---
While I sit here on my hiney.


Tuesday, August 1, 2017

I'm Not Nosy, I'm Concerned

As we were in Whataburger eating our Patty Melt and looking out over the green trees in the distance A truck wheeled in and parked catywhumpus taking up two parking spaces. I watched wondering who would park in such a way. They never got out so I began to wonder if the person was ill. Half way thinking I should go out and ask them if they were okay. Then in rethinking they may tell me to mind my own business. Maybe they were waiting for someone to have a meal with and they hadn't arrived yet. After about ten or fifteen minutes they backed out and started forward to where I could see it was an elderly man with a straw hat on. He continued on to the highway and left. We finished our meal and went to John's truck and searching my pocket I could find no key where I always put it. Just one key on a small keychain with one little palm tree on it. My favorite key. Is that normal to have a favorite key? We searched inside, an employee searched the trash. I drove up there so the key has to be between the truck and Whataburger or inside. No key anywhere. I still feel it was on the mat in front of the drinks but my eyes were so blurry from searching in the sun on the parking lot. Some nice people offered to bring me home to get another set of keys. Thank goodness I could get into the house and knew exactly where they were so I didn't make a fool of myself again. Turned out they know a lot of people we know so all is good but-----what happened to my favorite key with the small keychain with a palm tree on it????

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Good Advice

When you disagree, try not to be disagreeable about it.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

The End Of An Era

I know I've said this before but I think it is important. John got his first cow when he was 16 years old and now he will be 83 in September. He has had large amounts of cattle along with farming peanuts and at one time vegetables. When I came out here he owned one ranch and leased four or five. He could handle it but no more. There comes a time and that time has come. His son has been trying to keep up with the one place and a few cow. Last week-end the Sheriff's department called that there was a cow out on the road. John wasn't able to go so he called his son. Lucky his son was home because he has a fulltime job along with cattle of his own. By the time he got there the cow had crawled back in. The fences are bad and this Texas heat is something else to fix fence in so John gave up a few months earlier then planned. He had been giving cows to his kids and the last remaining one was given to the young guy who lives on the ranch and has helped John at different times when he was in a bind. A few hay rings and other equipment will be moved in the next couple of weeks. I told John and his son today I want to go out one more time to say goodbye to the Roadrunners, Rabbits, and Turtles. It's been a trip we won't forget. I think John breathed a sign of relief to know all the responsibility has been removed with no danger of cattle on the road and no one to make sure they are in and the fence repaired. It's so dry already and the cows will need feed with no green grass. We' ve already started staying in under the AC most of the day, taking plenty of naps and we'll go for rides after the sun goes down when we want.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

I Seem To Need To Write This

Have you ever known a person who whines all time about one thing and another? Have you known a person who is always angry at someone about something every time you talk to them? I've known both in my life time. I would like to be able to tell them about a woman I heard about a few days ago. If anyone has a right to be angry or whine, she does, but from all accounts she doesn't. My neighbor is out of work for the summer so she is doing odd jobs to fill in with her bills. She told me she drove in to San Antonio to sit with a lady for four hours. She told me the lady has lost both arms in an auto accident and to add insult to injury her husband left her. Can you imagine what all we use our arms for in life? Eating, dressing, going to the bathroom, almost everything. My neighbor said she even had to light a cigarette and put it into her mouth and then take it out for her. I don't approve of smoking but who could judge in this case? Maybe one of her few pleasures left. Sorry I just needed to write this down and remind myself that I'm lucky and I should be very thankful.

Friday, July 21, 2017


Friends are angels who lift our feet when our own wings have trouble remembering how to fly.   Anonymous