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This Way To My Blog

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Do You Throw Your Masa Down The Drain?

I don't, because I don't make tamales, but if I did make tamales probably some of the masa would get spilled in the sink and go down the drain. I would think like a lot of people--just run lots of very hot water down and that will take care of it. Not so I learned today. This time of year masa in the drains cause city utilities a lot of headaches. Sticking in the pipes like cement. I've ate my share of tamales but never wanted to make my own. Lots of hard work and hot work usually here in south Texas. I've never heard this warning before. I wonder why it took so many years for someone to give out this warning. Is there anyone here in blogs who have made tamales? Do people eat them in your state like we do here in south Texas? If you do eat them what do you eat with them or on them? I like a slice of bread and a slice of onion with mine and John douses his with catsup. He would like chili on them but we can't wait that long to make some or open a can. When we get home with a dozen of hot tamales we're ready to eat. Humm good.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Down On The Farm

Since John can't work or drive any longer he is the one who wants to go riding all time. Me not so much, but I do so he can get out some. When we get on the little country roads where there is no traffic I drive slow enough for him to count the fence wires and see if they need "fixin". We started out where he wanted to go to see where it goes. Turns out it was a dead end and we had been there before. So I turned on a road I don't think we had been on before and that is hard to find. We went so far we didn't know where we were and kept guessing which town we would come in to. We passed the neatest tiny cemetery, for family only, I presume. The name on the gate read "Down On The Farm Cemetery". It was outlined with cement and had about three graves with head stones. One shade tree had lots of wind chimes hanging from the limbs and bird houses. There were a couple of benches and other decorations. I notice there are more and more ranches installing their own private cemetery. I don't know how that would be when the day comes to sell the property. I guess they would have to leave access to the  graves and they probably are thinking they will never sell but things do change. I don't know how much red tape they have to go through to install one of these but I'm sure there is some. I wish I would have stopped to take a picture because I'm not sure I could ever find it again unless by accident.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Prayers for Sutherland Springs, Texas

We were in our own church Sunday when the terrible shooting happened. We don't watch much news on Sunday so we didn't know anything about it until nighttime. We've been in shock because it isn't that far from us and some of the kids attended school at Floresville which is the first town east of us and we were just there a few weeks ago. We've been numb and in shock and coming to the conclusion we aren't really safe anywhere. We can't run and hide so we will go on as usual. We do pray for all those involved, even the shooters family.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Crane AKA Crain

This is our favorite country road, Crane road, but then it has a second sign AKA Crain road. This is the first and last road sign I've ever seen like this and they are official signs. I've been meaning to take a picture of them. This picture at the top is an old one from spring and not even on Crane road. We come up to the excess road along hwy. 37 going to Corpus Christi and down to turn on St. Augustine and back to hwy. 181 and home. We actually saw three vehicles yesterday. The lack of traffic is the reason we like it so. I can drive very slow so John can see things. with his eye problem. I was commenting to John we never see any rabbits or roadrunners, and not even a snake crossing ahead of us. When I spotted something crossing in the distance. Not one, not two, too many to count, a whole flock of wild turkeys ambling slowly along. On their way to roost I presume. I guess their calendar isn't working or they would know it is near Thanksgiving and they best get a move on when crossing a public road.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Do You Like Sand Between Your Toes?

I don't, I absolutely hate it, so having a wedding at the beach would be out for me if I was young and of the marriage mind. I heard of someone I know having a biker wedding at the beach. It reminded me of when I was taking acupuncture the young lady who performed these services told me about her wedding at the beach where her dog was the ring bearer. When the minister asked who gives this woman in marriage (or whatever they ask) the dog whimpered as the father said I do. The dog had it's own special wedding cake too. I thought it was kind of different the lady was a D.O. and her husband to be was her receptionist. I heard the marriage had terminated within a year or two so I guess the sand didn't account for anything, but maybe her dog's whimpering accounted for a lot.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Country Ride

Riding the country roads this morning we noticed this gate into a ranch. It has fancy lights on each side to indicate it was a going ranch at one time. You can see it has been a long time since anyone drove through the gate. There was another gate down the way with the same fancy lights and the gate not used in a while. We always like to speculate on scenes such as this. Our take on this is the owner passed away or is in a nursing home. There are no children or they don't care about it. I would love to go down that grown up lane just to see what is there. I would'nt dare go on private property, but I can imagine and speculate.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

The Last Roundup

At least it was for one cow today. She is at the auction and will be sold Tuesday, unless of course she figures a way to escape. With her personality she may do just that. She escaped her owner's pasture and took up with John's daughter's cows several months ago. They all tried every way to get her home. Couldn't load her in a trailer, couldn't drive her the short way home. So his daughter finally just paid the man for his cow and gave her a new home since that seemed where she wanted to be. Not long after the trade it was discovered she had a very mean personality. Cows do have their own personality just like humans. Some are nice like my long time favorite cow Shelly Marie, which Jack and Sherry probably remember me posting pictures and writing about often. This cow was no Shelly Marie, she didn't even deserve a name. She was mean. John has been wanting her sold before she hurt someone. John's son decided he would take on the job of trying to get her to the auction in his trailer along with a couple of large calves that was time to be sold. John didn't even want to go to church because he was worried one of his grown kids would get hurt in this process. Shortly after lunch he got a call from each kid. Mean cow is gone, history. They said they put the two calves in the trailer first and then started backing meanie toward the trailer gate. She stepped in, the door was slammed shut and on the way to the auction without anyone being attacked or hurt. It would be interesting to learn how she behaved at the auction with all the commotion and noise and who will buy her or will she go to market and be sold for meat.