This Way To My Blog

This Way To My Blog

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

The Subject Is Pigs

I have read several things about pigs lately so it brought memories to me. Just now read Jack's blog about piggy banks. I still have one from Elementary school that a boy who drew my name at Christmas gave me. I wasn't thrilled but I have kept it all these years. It is a pretty one as pigs go. One of Mel's relatives has a pig for a pet and it runs and plays with the dogs. John has told me when his Mama and Daddy ran a beer joint on the main street of his small hometown they also had pigs and hogs in the back. John's job was to feed them each day. He started collecting the remains of beer out of bottles customers left. I'm sure it was small amounts but added up. When he got enough he would pour it in their pan with the slop. He says his Daddy found the pigs drunk and John got in serious trouble. I guess it could be true or maybe just a story.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Another story About The Decorative Piece

If my sister is lurking she will have a hissy fit. lol I always thought I needed to wash my daughter's and my underwear out by hand and hang them on the line. I may not have even had a dryer yet. If I had sheets or towels I would hang the underwear directly on the line behind them the way my Mama taught me. If not I would hang them out for all to see, but get them in as soon as possible. At least they would know we did wear them. lol My kitchen window faced the side street as we had a corner lot. One day I looked out the window to see a large van parked on the side street, so I went to the back door to get a better look. To my amazement a man was sitting in it with a large camera sticking out the drivers window taking a picture of the water drilling rig in our back yard. Well I presumed that is what he was taking a picture of. I realized the drilling rig was right in line with my clothes lines on the angle he was shooting and the underwear would probably be in the picture behind the rig. Oh my gosh someone must have got a lot of laughs and maybe won a contest for the funniest photo.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Old Decorative Piece

A picture on Facebook of a rusty car with a tree growing through it and the words "I'm going to fix it someday" reminded me of  this old water drilling rig that my deceased husband loved The person on the left is him. He and his brother bought it to drill a water well at the brother's house and they did. The brother's wife tired of it sitting in her yard so guess who got it. I hated it and finally planted Morning Glories around it. Our neighbor called it an eyesore to me but wouldn't say anything to Mel because she didn't want to make him angry because he repaired things for her. One day the city made rounds checking yards and telling people what they needed to rid their yards of. The inspector told me we needed to get rid of some old boards stacked in the back behind the garage but the decorative piece is okay, it can stay. I couldn't believe my ears. It sat there for a few more years. Mel had a bad stroke and after he recovered he told me I could sell it. It didn't take me long to run an ad and I sold it to the first two men who came to look at it. It moved to some other ladies yard for her to love, I guess.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Smart Burrs

We're all familiar with smart phones and smart TV's and smart this and smart that. Well have you ever seen smart grass burrs, my take on them? I don't have any idea where all grass burrs grow, but we have more then our share here is south Texas and a good portion of them are in my yard. I've fought them, I've hoed them, I've pulled them by the roots, I've sprayed them with weed killer and nothing gets rid of them. So I resorted to letting my neighbor mow my yard every time he mows his and that is often. Of course I pay him but I came to the conclusion mowing them was keeping the burrs from growing tall and being tracked into the house. Ever step on one in the middle of the night walking on the carpet? Ever try to pull one out of a piece of clothing when it was washed and dryed in it? All I can say it is one big "OUCH". It worked for a while with the neighbor keeping the grass mowed short and keeping the burrs from growing tall until the grass burrs got smart. Now the plant spreads out and hugs the lawn so the mower slides right over the grass burrs mowing the grass and leaving the grass burr plant to make those hurting burrs for me to step on and bring into the house and on to the carpet. Thus---SMART BURRS.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

The License Plate Man Is Back

After a vacation while a sidewalk was poured the license plate man is back to welcome displaced persons from the hurricane. Hehas his umbrella and is wearing his rain coat and rain boots. Not to make light of the situation, but to bring a smile to lighten their load. Our town has helped with a place to stay at the Catholic Church and several people have accepted donations in large trailers and transported to people in towns hardest hit from Harvey.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Update on Harvey

Not a drop of rain here, some wind at times, but not bad. We've been out some and so glad we prepared yesterday. Walmart parking lot over run with cars. This being an oilfield town we have many motels. I would guess they are full. My neighbor works at one and she usually comes home about two in the afternoon. I didn't see her car and it still isn't there. One motel in particular never went over. Don't know why, but their parking lot was full of cars today. I feel for all the people who have to evacuate, it must be very expensive. We could kind of tell the people in a restaurant that were passing through because of the storm. I ask one lady if they were passing through from the storm. She said yes but we were coming anyway to take our grandson to Waco to college but yes now we are coming because of the hurricane too. I wished her luck and the hopes they didn't have too much damage. She replied we will probably have damage but that is what insurance is for I guess. I guess they have been through it before and thinks it is worth it to live at the coast.

Thursday, August 24, 2017


First I would like to say if you are a praying person please pray for Anni, a blogger, and her husband, who live in Corpus Christi. They are in Harvey, the hurricane's path. Our area is expected to get a large amount of rain and wind. John and I decided after many news alerts to go to Walmart to stock up on some food that we wouldn't have to cook in case the electricity goes out. My cook stove is gas but has an electric starter. Not sure how it would work if I used a match. We were surprised to find the store so crowded already with buggy traffic in the isles. They were already our of water. Thank goodness on a whim a few days ago I had bought a case of the kind of water I use. They were getting more jugs as we left. We live fairly near Hwy. 37 which goes straight into Corpus and saw on TV the bumper to bumper traffic. It must be scary to be in that. We spent some time securing garbage cans and recycle cans and such after dark. Thinking better to be safe then sorry and maybe the rain will be hard tomorrow. As far as I can think I may only have one more thing to do. I have a large barn star on the front of my house and may need to get it down as it may be swinging high if the wind develops as they are saying. We will welcome the rain but pray for the safety of the people.