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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Do Girls Still Get A Cedar Chest For High School Graduation?

Jack from Shipslog many times gives me ideas for a subject for my blog. Hope he doesn't mind. When our neighbor's daughter graduated years back she got a cedar chest for her hope chest. I was about seven years old and I was in awe. Through the years I couldn't wait to graduate and get a cedar chest and start saving things for a marriage I hoped to have. When I graduated in 1954 my mama and daddy gave me a Limed Oak cedar chest. Not the most expensive but I still have it even though it isn't in great condition but still has that wonderful cedar smell inside. It's in the garage and I haven't looked in it in years. The only thing I remember is some things Mel sent from Japan when we weren't married yet. Besides those things he sent a beautiful 12 place setting of china. He later said it cost more to send them home then the china cost over there. It has beautiful Orchids on every piece and I've never seen another like it. He couldn't have known how important it was to send a 12 place setting. We have two girls so I was able to divide the set into two six place setting for them to each have a full set. The other things such as serving plates and gravy boat were also added. I must take a picture the next time I go to one of the girls homes or get them to send me one and I must look into that cedar chest to see what I have stored in there, don't think its anything important other then some things from Japan when Mel was in the army. A cedar chest was important to girls back then but I never hear of any girl saying she wants a cedar chest or of making a hope chest. Another way times have changed.

Friday, April 21, 2017

My How Times Have Changed

Tattoos used to be mostly worn by sailors, motorcycle riders, or wild women. Last week we were pushing our grocery cart behind a lady with lots of tattoos that were very visable with the dress she had on which was in good taste. She was wearing backless platform shoes. To our amazement she slid right off those shoes and on to her knees still holding on to her grocery cart. John ran to help her and it was evident she was in pain but she took it well. We stood and talked about the shoes and I showed her my tennies and said I could never wear anything but these. I even wear these to church and they don't judge. She went on to ask where our church is as she doesn't have a church. She said she may look it up  sometime. We didn't go last Sunday so if she showed up I hope they didn't disappoint her or me if all her tattoos were showing. She was not a young woman but not as old as us. Not really the type you would think of as having so many tattoos but as I say times have changed. If I was younger I might even get a small flower or butterfly on my ankle or shoulder. Don't think it would be attractive on swollen ankles or old age arms so I'll pass. Hope I see her in church Sunday.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Cows looking for shade today

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Do You Have An Odd Building In Your Town Or City?

By odd I mean a building that just can't make it no matter what kind of business goes in to it. I think we may have more then one but one catches my eye every time I pass it. I fully intended to take a picture of it but forgot. It is on a main street, a street if you stay on it will take you straight to San Antonio. It is usually a restaurant and has been a sea food place several times and then they have tried Mexican food. Nothing makes it and has to give up and close up. The last was a Mexican restaurant. I can see how that wouldn't go as we have so many Mexican food places all over town and all over the county. A good sea food place should make it but I don't know what the problem is. The thing with the last one that struck my funny bone and it lasted less then any of them. The owners or managers put two rocking chairs and a rocky horse right at the edge of the top of the building. I'm still trying to figure out the purpose of them. Maybe advertising service for the young to the old. What do you think?

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

A Disappointing Gift

I'm not an ungrateful person but once I received a Christmas gift from my now deceased husband that was just a major disappointment. I thought of it today because someone here was getting an electric pressure cooker and she was excited about it. I was young and not married too long but pregnant with my first daughter. Christmas morning my husband gave me a pressure cooker. I didn't want a pressure cooker, I wanted something more personal. A piece of jewelry, a blouse?  Mel's sister-in-law's Dad was selling pressure cookers so she took it on herself to convince Mel I really needed a pressure cooker and could even use it to sterilize the baby bottles when my baby was born. Wrong! The bottles were too tall to fit in the pressure cooker so out went that idea. We still had to go buy a bottle sterilizer. I cooked but not interested in canning. I may have used that gift one or two times in my lifetime. It just took up space for years until I realized I hated that thing and didn't even want it around. I bet some lady still has that heavy gift and was grateful to buy it at Goodwill. Mel finally got the message and bought me some diamond ear studs on Christmas. Don't get me wrong I don't expect expensive gifts every year but just once was nice and I still have them.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

What Are The Chances?

When we left for church this morning I had no idea who would be visiting from all over. One lady from San Antonio, several from Fort Worth. and several from out of state. All with the last name Briggs. Their relative started this church many years ago. So happens my first grade teacher was Miss Winnie Briggs but everyone just called her Miss Winnie. This church is just south of the town I grew up in so I ask a lady if they were kin to her. She didn't know but thought it quite possible. Out side I ask a gentleman and he confirmed they are kin to her. He was surprised she was my first grade teacher. I told him how I used to ride my bike past her house in the hot sun and she would come out on the porch to shake her finger at me and say "young lady go home and get your bonnet on". He ask if I liked her? Yes I did, even though she was strict. Back then kids were used to strict. He was surprised to learn that Miss Winnie was Methodist as he said he is and I told him I am and went to church with her back in the 50's. This little historic church is Baptist. This church is being remodeled on the inside and has already been remodeled on the outside. It doesn't look like this picture. The add-on, on the left is gone and a new room added for Sunday school, social occasions and a small kitchenette in the back. On the right is nice modern restrooms where before they were like built on outhouses, but with flushing toilets. The only draw back is they found matching rock and put it on the first add on. They didn't know they had to notify the Historical Society. On the second round they were notified and would not permit the rock to be used. Since they didn't want to be stripped of their Historical status they went by their rules. In my opinion it would have looked so much better and matched so well with the rock on both sides. I'll try to post a picture of the way it looks now . Anyway it was nice to meet relatives of my first grade teacher and share memories.