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This Way To My Blog

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Update On Police chase Last Week

We had to wait until today to find out why the police were chasing the service truck. It was a young man from San Antonio with a female passenger also from San Antonio with warrants out for their arrest for theft of a vehicle and drugs. It was a long chase involving him driving through 18 fences and 8 gates. Plenty of damage but good no one was hurt and no auto crashes.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Thank Goodness For Facebook

We knew we were into something scary but we didn't know what until we got home and looked at Facebook. I was in a turning lane with my blinker on waiting for oncoming traffic to clear so I could turn into our subdivision. A dull colored work truck the kind with tool boxes on the side came zooming around me and went into the oncoming traffic which everyone had the sense to stop and let him have the street. He then veered into the lane he was supposed to be in driving like a bat out of you know where. Then I saw in my rearview mirror a lot of police cars bearing down with lights flashing and sirens screaming. We couldn't figure why a person had the right to pass a turning lane and into oncoming traffic because we thought he was part of the police heading to a terrible wreck and couldn't figure out what part he played in the scheme of things. Maybe to use the jaws of life? We couldn't believe the police would approve of such driving even to help. The traffic started moving including me when everyone got their breath back shaking our head in wonder. After we got home and I turned Facebook on to our county page they were already talking about it. It was a car chase and the crazy work truck driver was the one being chased by all the police to my rear but they were being careful not to make things more dangerous. I'm glad I stayed still in the turning lane and didn't try to turn when the oncoming traffic stopped because when that guy went around us had I been turning we would have been smashed to smitherines with his speed.

Friday, March 23, 2018

A Long Red Building

I hardly ever dream so why did I dream about a lady judge and a bright red long barracks type business? When I awoke from a nap I was puzzled. I had been in a very long barracks type business to have my hair fixed. There were big garage type doors on either side and on the ends. They were all open and the hard breeze was blowing in. I remember thinking no air conditioning they must close those when its cold. I didn't see any customers except an elderly retired county judge who we used to know and another lady was with her. She pointed to a chair on one end for me to sit down and she and the other lady went to the other end and I could not see them or hear them to know if they were getting their hair fixed or not. I waited until I awoke with no hair do. Anyone know what this might mean?

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Our Donut Wasn't Sweet

Miss Prissy. me, wanted to drive on some different roads today. We sneaked past John's sister's and two nephews houses and on out south through ranches and the oil field when it felt like we had a flat. We stopped, no flat, but something was wrong. A nice couple stopped but couldn't tell the problem so had us move up then he could see the tire was peeling badly. He told us to turn around and drive very very slowly back to John's home town because our spare which unbeknown to us was just a donut. After we could spot the water towers it still seemed like forever with our lights flashing and traffic zooming around us racing against time for the tire shop to close. I've been telling John there is something wrong with a tire on that truck but what does a woman know? A lot when you drive a vehicle every day sooo $1o4.28 later, a new tire and shaking nerves we made it home. Bet that will curtail our road trips for a while but not long I bet. You may say join AAA, well I do belong to them and have them in my phone but when you call them you would need to tell them where you are and all I could say we were on a gravel road in south Texas. That covers a lot of territory.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

An Old Building Still Stands

This old building still stands in Charlotte, Texas. It was John's Mother's café/beer joint type business. Over the years it has been occupied by a restaurant and an antique store and maybe more but nothing has stayed. Just an old building with many memories.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Let The Children Play

Lemonade stands have almost gone. Tug-of-war with the dog, over a bone.

Skates have turned into those inline things, all these subjects memories bring.

No yellow brick road, no happy trails. Who was Mr. Greenjeans, my memory fails?

Turn off the screen, let the children play. Cancel that appointment, let them create their day.

Go back to the treehouse, jump rope for fun. Teach children to use their imagination as they play in the sun

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Hair in the 50's

A friend on Facebook posted pictures of the way women set their hair and of getting a home permanent, sooo you might know at my age I've had experience with this and love to tell it. My mama took me to downtown San Antonio to get a permanent wave at a beauty school. She left to go shopping. The wave wouldn't take so the higher ups at the school was called in and they were trying to figure why the wave wouldn't take. They questioned me over and over about what my mama used on my hair. My hair was almost albino when I was a little girl so maybe they were curious. Finally this little country girl had enough. I burst out crying and yelled "soap, just plain soap". They realized they had pushed me too far so they sent someone to get me an ice cream cone and they stopped with their questions. It was a long time before I tried to get a perm in my hair. when I was older it did take but I always felt apprehensive because they hooked you up to a machine, each strand of hair in a curler. I always wondered what would happen it the building caught fire and my hair was all hooked up to this machine. Maybe the operators would run out and not remember to unhook my hair. As a teenager we rolled (set) our hair in pin curls after shampooing.
 I did it most every night having straight hair and I got so I could sit up in bed in the dark, roll it and sleep with all those bobby pins on my head. Neighbor ladies on each side used to call me to set their hair at times. I hated doing it but back then you did not tell an older person no and they sure didn't pay.