This Way To My Blog

This Way To My Blog

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Choke Canyon

John's sister and brother-in-law are here from Alaska (not staying in our house this time) so we all drove south to Choke Canyon. I bought lunch in Three Rivers, Texas. Had a nice conversation with a local there finding out an old friend from that town is in the nursing home. That was a kick in the face. We drove around the park at Caliham, Texas to see lots of deer. The weather was a little cool but not too bad. The deer there are fairly tame but we're not allowed to feed them like we could in the past. Didn't see the turkeys and armadillos and javalinos we've seen in the past but it certainly was nice to get out for a change and have a good driver doing the driving on his gas and his rented car

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Just A Little Eerie

My oldest niece passed away several years ago. A few weeks ago her husband passed. Last night and this morning the little green light by Alvin's name on my computer is lit up. Gave me a little bit of a start to see it there when I know he is gone and can not be on the computer. Or can he? Is he watching over the cute pictures of his grandkids or is someone using his computer under his name? Humm

Sunday, January 15, 2017

I Think I'm Talking To Myself

Maybe one person will remember this business I wrote about located on a country road. It started out as  formal wear for Hispanic girl's dresses for their 15th birthday celebration then after a few months they added other formal wear. I couldn't understand why anyone would think any business and especially that typed would go over in that location. I didn't wish them bad luck however, I hoped it would somehow be a success. I've noticed for quite a while the little building is vacant still with their sign "It's My Business". On another subject it is so windy out here I almost lost my hair at Walmart. Trying to keep the shopping cart from banging my truck or someone else's while getting the groceries into the truck with my hair standing on end. A young man asked if I needed some help. We have such nice young people in our county. I thanked him very much but said I think I have it under control now. When I arrived at my home to find Police and Sheriff's cars driving around the neighborhood. As I turned into my drive I saw there were two men in uniform looking in back yards. Don't know what that was all about as normally our area is quiet.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Do You Ever Regret Not Buying Something?

On a whim I stopped at my favorite Thrift store even though it isn't Senior Discount Day. I found a dressy brown and black blouse to wear to church. As I was walking out by the jewelry counter I spied a black bow pin that would go perfect with the blouse. Oh well I had already checked out. Wouldn't have taken but a few minutes to price it and pay for it. Go get it tomorrow, no, it was in San Antonio. Maybe it would still be there and maybe it wouldn't. Do you shop at Thrift stores or are you like my friend who wouldn't buy a water bowl for her dog there? The only problem is you find so many good or even new things and know how much they would cost in a regular store so you (me) are inclined to buy things you really don't need. I also bought a jewelry box which I do not need. It is wood and heavy. The top opens up to reveal little sections to keep rings in. It looks like a mini chest of drawers with a bottom drawer to put maybe bracelets in. $ 1.41, I couldn't believe my eyes, had to check several times. Made so well and painted aqua. Does it match my bedroom? No. Gave me a lift, but I wish I would have bought the pin shaped like a bow.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Count Them, There Are Five.

Five pair of reading glasses in and around my computer desk. I can't see well out of any of them. Good excuse for mistakes, I guess. I've managed to misplace or lose the two pair I can see the computer well. I've always been so careful with those two. One in my purse and one here in front of the computer. The case is still in my purse with no glasses. When I use them in public I slip them back in the case at once when I finish because I'm lucky to not need them to drive. Am I losing it? At least I know where my keys are. I think I know they are in the little margarine cup on top of the computer desk.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Famous Last Words

We have two new cats in our cat neighborhood and they remind me of Cocoa and Brownie our Siamese cats from the distant past. Someone bought a Sealpoint Siamese cat and was so excited about it they wanted to buy one for our daughters for their birthdays. My husband and I okayed it if they would be sure to get a male so we didn't have to deal with kittens. We all fell in love with him and named him Cocoa. After a while a female Sealpoint Siamese showed up in our yard and wouldn't leave. I ask around the neighborhood but no one claimed her. I watched the lost and found ads in our neighborhood paper with no luck. We named her Brownie. She was such a jewel, how could we be rid of her. She could walk around the whatnots and never knock anything to the floor. She loved to ride in the car. When she heard the keys rattle here she was. She slept between my husband and I with her head on the pillow with the cover up to her neck like any human being. Famous last words, the kittens began to come at regular intervals. Brownie and Cocoa were Sealpoint but we had no papers so we advertised Siamese kittens for sale in the local neighborhood paper. We were able to sell everyone everytime she had a litter. Sold several to teachers in our school district. After several litters and much cat love from us to her and him and much cat love to us from them one day I came home to find Brownie dead in the driveway. Evidently she ran after the keys rattling to the car and I didn't see her and she didn't make it. Killed me to know I had run over her. Wasn't the same with only Cocoa but he lived his life out with us.

Saturday, December 31, 2016

An Unexpected Country Ride

I've made two trips to San Antonio on the ART bus for treatments. Turned out well with two different buses and drivers. They were both friendly and good drivers. However both buses were rickedly and loud. Both drivers didn't admit to their being their normal buses. Both said their bus was in the shop. The first trip was fast but the second I had to wait several times getting me home at 4:30 in the afternoon. I was tired but enjoyed the far ride on a country road to take a couple home with the man in a wheel chair so I'm sure he might have been more tired then I. Thank goodness for peanutbutter crackers as I missed lunch. I must always remember to have a package of those in my bag as they will tide me over. Had a small water to take my pill when I get almost to the treatment center to ward off nausea. I've seen these buses all over our county for years and never realized how useful they are since I still drive. However I don't drive to the northside of San Antonio where the treatment center is. I'm thankful to the organizations who support this service and the drivers who work for them.