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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Do Mesquite Trees Lie?

I don't know about where you all live but here in south Texas we watch the Mesquite trees this time of the year although the tree watching is early this year. If they put on their leaves which is usually some time in March that is supposed to be a sign that winter is over. Some of the Mesquite trees are almost fully leaved out and some have few. The weather has been odd this year, well odder then usual here. We only had one real cold spell that I remember and it didn't last long. I'm not a Mesquite tree but I predict a very hot summer. Guess that won't be too unusual but I mean it will arrive earlier and hotter and maybe dry. We did have a good rain night before last and you may have heard parts of San Antonio had tornados which is rare. We just got back from a ride on our favorite country road and yep there they were in all their glory. Mesquite trees almost full of leaves. I don't like those trees because they have mean sharp long thorns. Hard on kids going barefoot in the summer in the 50's. They don't make a good leaf to shade with but people like to barbeque with the wood. We'll see if Mesquite trees lie or not.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Do You Use Straws??

They are good for something else besides sipping a drink. I read about it several years ago and thought oh thats silly. This weekend my daughter mentioned it and I though oh too much trouble. Last night I dug out a necklace with a rabbit on it thinking well Easter is coming up. It was in a box and so knotted up I spent about two hours trying to get it untangled. I spent too much on the delicate chain to just throw it away. Umm I don't want to go through this again. A straw! That's what they have been telling me. I unhooked the clasp and started one end of the chain down the straw, then hooked the clasp back. Hung the necklace on a rack. Wha la. Then I spent about another hour inserting other necklaces down each ones own straw. Someone had their thinking cap on, it works great. I know where each necklace is, it isn't tangled, ready to pick the one that matches the outfit or the occasion. Next will be a shamrock for March. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day

Gosh I'm so not in to holidays I almost forgot it was Valentine's Day. John did say happy valentine's day to me early in the morning but I was more interested in getting myself awake so we could get the chore of grocery shopping out of the way. Sleepily I said the same to you. At Walmart I had found the type of night gowns I like on sale so I put one in the cart. As I passed the card isle on my way to take my blood pressure (isn't that what all old people do?) I spot John searching for a card. I stop to tell him if you're looking for a card from me get me this instead and handed him the night gown. Was that being a kill joy and unappreciative? No, he liked the idea and he liked the print on the night gown so much he thought it was to wear out. Guess I could wear it with some tights. It is short sleeve and knee length, soft material, I like it. Being a girl who likes Mondays and country roads, Doesn't take much to make me happy, but hope you all got your wish and had a Happy Valentine's Day.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Would They Accept Me As Kin?

No I guess not. A store which I've not ever been in sold a million dollar scratch off ticket. Good luck to who ever it is. I don't think I've ever bought a $10.00 lottery ticket. No telling how many of these they have bought and not won, but I am glad for them. Our area has had several big winners in the past. Several years ago a man from John's hometown won the big lottery, only to kill himself a few years later. I would think it could be a burden in several ways to win a large amount of money. I've never had that problem and don't expect to.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Is It Summer Or Is It Winter?

I want to plant a flower or two or three. Whoa girl it's still February. We are about to wear  our air conditioners and heaters out. Some days we use one and some days we use the other. Some days it's cold in the morning and hot in the afternoon so we use both in a days time. Our Arizona Ash trees are budding out but I would bet they get nipped and have to start all over. We had one hard cold spell which didn't seem all that cold to me. It must have been though because it killed a lot of trees and bushes in different yards around. I have a large bed of all green plants that mostly survive the winter but this year that one spell damaged some variegated ivy for the first time. I hope some of it can survive and spread again.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Less Freedom For The Wildlife

One part of the ranch has been sold to a neighbor. The papers were signed one day and the next day a bulldozer had taken the old fence and the brush out. Next week a what we call a deer proof fence will be up. It will be high and good. No deer or wildlife will be able to cross it or jump it. You wouldn't believe how many of the ranches have sold and gone to this type of fencing. A lot of people stop farming and lease their land for hunting. Most add exotic deer for a big business. So sad. I'm not against hunting for meat but for sport? The landlady of the second part of the ranch has just passed so if her sons sell (probably to the neighbor also) that will leave a high and dry middle of the ranch where the farm house and pens and stock tank is. Just 85 acres with the only access for wildlife is from across the Farm-To-Market road. After a few years the old owners there will be gone and it will probably fall to high tight fences. No freedom for the wildlife. Progress yes, the way south Texas used to be, gone. I'm sad.
We had wild hog meat for supper last week but it wasn't shot behind a high fence. That hog had a chance.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Brackish Water

On reading Jack's Shipslog blog ,he partly wrote about water. It reminded me of brackish water. Someone told me that is just a nice way of saying sewer water. Anyway when I was getting my last round of treatments one night I went to Kerrville, Texas with my daughter to receive her certification in Master Naturalist along with a couple of pins. The speaker that night spoke about brackish water. I was shocked to learn some people are already drinking this water out of their taps and if I understood him correctly they weren't notified yet but would be by their water bill. Seems wrong to me and seems there would be some angry people when they find out. It was very interesting and I'm sure will need to be done. Can't remember the word to describe the transferring the bad water into good water (time to go to bed, can't look it up now). After they do that process the water is too clean and it has to go through another process.