Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Once I Was A Ghost

I love it when I read someone's blog and it brings back a memory to me. I was reading a blog about ghost just now and this is what I remembered. When I was a little girl about eight or ten we had a neighbor who was very much afraid to stay alone at night. Her husband being a truck driver had to be away when he had been at home at night. She ask my mama if I could stay with her at night, not that I would be much help. Just someone else in the house. In that day and time my mama made a lot of our clothes. My night gowns were long and made from white flour sacks. The first night I stayed with Polly she awoke in the middle of the night to see me standing in the doorway with my long white night gown and she thought I was a ghost. She didn't seem as anxious for me to stay the night with her after that.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Just a Memory

A relative of my deceased husband made a comment on Facebook that reminded me of something I haven't thought of in a long time. The hat with the big feather was quite in style the year this was taken of him. At least it was in style here in south Texas, don't know about other places. Anyway the memory was that he used to call me The War Department when he was on the job and saying something about me to people who didn't know me. When they finally met me they were surprised to see I was a quiet lady. I guess the ones who never met me still think I am The War Department. lol Before we were married he called me Stinkots. I have no idea what that means or if he made it up. Did you have a nick name that was silly?

Monday, October 10, 2016

Ole' Honest Abe

Okay I know you are tired of hearing about this disease I have and I'm tired of talking about it. (MDS)  Just want to share this with you first. A woman on Facebook whom I have known a long time questioned my honesty about it saying if you have it followed by ???. It made me angry, but at the same time it made me chuckle and think I really don't know people I have only met on the internet and they don't know me. In high school I was dubbed as Ole Honest Abe. In my small country school the Principal and Superintendent both had to teach classes besides their duties as the positions they held. This made them late to class often as they had to meet with a parent or some other appointment leaving the class alone. One day the Principal was late to our senior history class. The whole room was teeming with noise and talking when he finally walked into class. His words were okay everyone who was talking raise their hand. My little hand slowly raised and when I looked around there was not another hand up. My classmate and neighbor started calling me Ole Honest Abe.

My Brain Is Overloaded

No one will steal my thunder today. The weather was cool and I felt good. I ate pancakes with syrup (yes bad decision, but I'm full of bad decisions today) before we rode our favorite country ride. I sit here with one jeans leg soaking wet. Kinked the hose while washing the truck. We backed up on our ( we have drove that rode so many times we think it's ours) rode to get a better look at a doe and her fawn staring at us. She didn't run, we stared and she stared. Do you think she was judging me for an unmade bed at home, for not getting up at the crack of dawn to cook breakfast. I don't think so. The wildlife doesn't make snide remarks in a hateful tone. Thank you God for a good day so far today.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

After the fog lifted a few mornings ago we took a country ride on our favorite road. Not one where we don't know where we are if we had a flat or truck trouble and had to call for help. I could give directions even though it goes far into ranch land with cattle guards and cows on the road at times. It takes exactly one hour from time we leave home until the time we get back. We have seen wild turkeys crossing but not that morning. We saw a covey of Quail, one of my favorite birds. Like the way they run on the ground ahead of the truck for a while until they get tired and fly just high enough to get above the truck and land over the fence. We also saw two deer jump the fence, cross in front of us and jump to the other side. Such graceful creatures. We see several different unusual gateways which I've probably already posted here. I guess the most interesting thing we see is a burial plot in front of a home. It has a nice iron fence around it with probably space for about three more graves. It is in front of a home under big shady oak trees with a tombstone large heart on it. I would love to get out to read the inscription but feel it might be intruding so we just drive slow and look. I can't count the times we have traveled this road and I can enjoy it because we seldom meet a car so John can drive and I can look. The picture at the top does not pertain to that road.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

A plant like this is giving me trouble.

Several years ago I dug one of these up at the ranch in a gate where it didn't need to be. It was about a foot tall. Without any care it has multiplied several times and grew very tall. I hire my neighbor to mow so he told me one of my plants had fallen over. With my health problems I completely forgot and wasn't going into my back yard. When my ducks got in a row so to speak I remembered so I went to check it out. With all the rains we had a while back part of the plant had already taken root in my neighbor's yard. He didn't complain at all but you certainly don't desire one of these where you mow and where it might poke you in the eye. So out the want ads came. Two different men advertising tree and yard work responded. One of them and his helpers are supposed to come Thursday and clear it all out for $ 150. I was prepared to pay more. Hope they show up and do the job well. I'll miss the beautiful flowers next spring but there comes a time when you have to give up things that you are no longer able to manage and take care of. The men may be able to sell them to someone decorating a yard or business in the Southwest design. Thank you for the comments and concern about my health. I've had several good days lately after Platelets injected twice, a Bone Marrow Biopsy, and a seven straight days of a type of Chemo shots named Vidaza. Friday I go back to my specialist for blood work and to see him. Maybe a blood transfusion, more Platelets, or probably another round of seven straight days of Vidaza. I stay at my daughters at these times because it is too far for her to driver here twice a day so I spend a lot of time on her porch with a jacket (one of the side effects being so cold) on in the Texas heat. I check on you from time to time but still don't have my e-mail fixed or it's probably just me. At a time like this your priorities change. Miss and care about every one of you.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Mail Box And Fence For Good Fences

Wouldn't it be cute if it was mowed and trimmed?