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This Way To My Blog

Thursday, February 22, 2018

A Very Special Flower

In the 50's when I was first married my husband drove a panel truck much like this one to make commercial refrigeration service calls for the company he worked for. He could drive it home in case a call came in, in the middle of the night and often one did. He was not supposed to use it for personal use. He wouldn't even drive it to the corner ice house to buy a loaf of bread. I loved to get dressed in my jeans and ride along with him on a service call but there was no seat for me on the passenger side so he improvised with a wooden crate. After our first daughter was born we added a straw laundry basket between us for her to sleep in as we delivered dry ice, carbonic gas, or he repaired an ice cream cabinet, soda fountain, or some other much needed equipment to keep a business operating. I would never go inside a business while he was working unless invited. Some customers were so glad to have him there at any hour to repair they would sometime invite me in or some would bring cotton candy, pop corn or some snack to the truck. He did some work for people who had commercial ice cream cabinets or some equipment in their den for parties. That would be mostly business owners homes. One man grew Orchids. He had a large building full of all kinds of Orchids with large water coolers to keep the air the correct mixture to grow the Orchids. The first time I went on a call there with my husband the owner took me on a tour through his business. After that when we would go there he would turn a card board box upside down and stick the little vials with water and an Orchid in each one into the box so they would not spill until we got home. We would have enough Orchids to give one to all our relatives. Back in those days not  just every woman  received an Orchid. They were a very special flower and the memories are special too.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

My Redbud Tree

I hope it  isn't dead. I planted it myself about 2001 or 2002. It was only a stick so I didn't know if it would grow. It did, it flourished .and blooms pretty every year. My other trees, Arizona Ash are budding out and they do early every year and usually get nipped back. I'm hoping my Redbud just has better sense and knows there are cold days coming yet before winter is over. It does look dead as a ----just dead dead dead. It has grown to be a large tree and I enjoy it so much. Please let it not be dead.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

A Morbid Blog Entry?

Two things made me think of writing this which some may find morbid. If it bothers you feel free to click off. Jack's post was one and the local news was another. The local news aired about a funeral home in San Antonio getting sued for losing a body some time back and to this day still has not been found. The family of the deceased won a lot of money in the lawsuit. Wellll it so happens my funeral is planned with this same company but on a different side of town. It doesn't have anything to do with the price of eggs in China. I just decided I don't want a funeral so I ask my daughters to ask the cemetery if they would trade my funeral for a nice shade tree. Jack wrote about someone having their casket built and have it stored in waiting. Interesting! We bought our plots or lots when I was pregnant with my second daughter. Now to some that may sound like we didn't have hope. Nothing of the kind, a man came to the door selling of all things cemetery  lots. I told him I would have to ask my husband but I did like that location so we did pay them out by the month. When we were through we bought the funeral plan and I guess that was the eeriest thing I have ever done is walk in to a room filled with caskets and pick the one I would be buried in.

Friday, February 9, 2018

Bucking Bulls

Geeze officer we were only taking a picture. This sign reads C4 Bucking Bulls so of course I had to snap a picture knowing there was an officer sitting at the corner. Not feeling any guilt I paid him no mind but he was evidently keeping an eye on us. As we stopped at this gate he started toward us. As he passed us on very slow speed we turned behind him wanting to explore this road which we haven't driven on in many years. The road was so rough we decided to turn around with much disappointment. The officer became more suspious and turned to follow. I was watching my P's and Q's not to speed. He finally came to the conclusion we were not out to break a law passing us by and on his way.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

More Memories

If I remember correctly this picture of me is outside the yard of the house I was born in. Doesn't the ground look dry? No one had lawns back then in this area anyway. Daddy farmed then and it had to be dry land farming because I don't remember seeing an irrigation system until much later. Daddy used mules to farm until lightening struck and killed them. He called it farming on the halves which I guess is the same thing as sharecroppers as we lived on a place but did not own it. Daddy did the work and shared the profit with the owner. The only recreation I remember was Mama and Daddy moving all the furniture and linoleum out of a room. A band played that night and their friends came to the dance. There were pallets (quilts on the floor) with babies asleep in an area of the room to the side. Since I lived there and had a bed I was not allowed to stay up to watch the dancing but I'm sure I wanted to. When my sister was born they bought a goat for milk for her but I always thought it was my pet. when she was weaned they sold the goat but I didn't know someone was coming to buy it. I cried and cried. One night a pack of Coyotes were in the field howling and carrying on. Daddy and Mama was going out, not sure what they intended to do. Chase them off or kill them with a gun before they killed some of the farm animals I suppose. I wanted so bad to go out with them but was told to stay in the house. This house was made of sand rock that so many houses in this area are made of. They didn't have to buy it they dug it our of the fields. It must have been good stuff because there are still many houses and buildings that are still standing and in fairly good shape. Even the church we go to is made of it and the auditorium at the school I studied in all twelve years.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Stopped To Take This Picture Yesterday

It is very near the house where I saw the first bathroom I had ever seen. Also the first Band Aid I had ever seen. Was I impressed! There was a small store in the area and that is where people got their mail. I was born down the road in 1936 in Rossville, Texas.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

A Piece Of Peace

We met people coming from work to their peaceful homes in the country. We were on a drive in an area where I lived when I was in the second grade. Back then it was a big ranch grown up with brush. Now it is  little neat paved roads with houses. I can't even tell exactly where the house was that we lived in but I have many memories of living there. There were many Roadrunners but we didn't see any today. I had a large swing in a big oak tree. I liked to get the swing swinging as high as I could and sing You Are My Sunshine at the top of my voice. No one to complain that I couldn't carry a tune. Once I walked through the sand and trees to visit a neighbor girl. I stayed a little too long and it was starting to get dark. I felt very afraid when I came on to some men finishing up building a fence. I was afraid because I was not used to being around strangers. I crawled under the fence, stood up straight and threw my shoulders back and walked home fast pretending great bravery. We didn't have a bathroom so Daddy built us a shower onto the side of the house outside. One day I was taking my shower and as I looked out the door I saw a snake coiled up in front of the door. I jumped over the snake screaming as loud as I could and didn't stop until I got into the house. The snake was probably as frightened as I was. I don't remember hogs but I know we had them because I remember the slop bucket in the kitchen to throw scraps of food and even the dish water for hogs to eat. Yuck! It was nice to drive that area and remember these and many more memories until John got worried we were lost as we kept ending up in cul-de-sacs.