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This Way To My Blog

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Falling Season

I've never heard of so many older people falling. I read here of a lady who hurt herself. I hope she is feeling better today. A lady at church has to walk a ways to her mailbox. She had been meaning to fill a little hole with dirt. Meaning was too late. She fell with one leg straight ahead and one doubled under her. Smart that she takes her cell phone with her. She called her husband who is on a walker. He hobbled out but she still couldn't get up with the help of his walker. She called the Sheriff's Department, they sent an ambulance. She wouldn't leave her husband but they did get her up. My friend in San Antonio decided to go to a line dance class but fell quickly and had to stop. Then she was trying to pull vines off her back fence while someone was mowing her grass. The folding chair folded and she fell and couldn't get up. The yard person couldn't get her up so had to get a neighbor man and his son. When she went to her doctor he told her to act her age. She will be 80 on her birthday. Some say exercise and I knew lots of 80 year olds who danced. The last was John fell but was able to catch himself on the sink before he went to the floor. In cleaning out a shelf I found a new bottle of Liquid Gold so I had a stool to stand on while reaching the cabinets to clean. I moved back to let him get to the sink and he tripped over the little stool. I thought he would be sore today, but wasn't. Everyone who is older please be very careful and I'm trying to.

Monday, March 20, 2017

A Fight Between Me And A Dog

I guess I'm an over grown kid because I like silly little things in my yard and I get attached to them. When I first bought my house in 2000 I had this plastic rabbit (the one with the tall ears) in a flower bed in the back yard. Behind my lot was just like pasture and the next street over was a dead end. They opened the street up and started building houses behind my house. One day I noticed my rabbit was gone. I didn't think anyone had been in my back yard and who would want a cheap plastic rabbit anyway? There was no fence between me and the new house they were building behind my lot so I went on a search. The house was only framed so I could step right in. No rabbit, until I looked in to where a closet was going to be. Sure enough there was the bunny. Humm, how did that rabbit get there? I put it back in my flower bed. The end of next day no rabbit in my flower bed. I knew where to look. Are these carpenters playing games with me? Then I saw that one of them was bringing his dog to work with him. Mystery solved, rabbit was getting a bit chewed up. Teeth marks and a hole in it's nose but I was determined to keep my rabbit. Childish, maybe, but I still have that beat up little rabbit. I took a picture of it today while doing yard work but couldn't get it to go here. It's looking bad and the flower bed is gone, but it sits in all it's glory in front of my storage shed. When the carpenters moved on to another location doggie had to find something else to play with in the day time to pass time. I wonder what it was?

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Do You Still Own Bobby Pins?

Oh my goodness I found zillions of them when I cleaned a drawer out. Only get in there a few times a year to get my hair dryer out. Went all the way to the bottom of the drawer and found a plastic bag full of bobby pins. Guess I thought I might need them some day. In the 50's and 60's I did need them. I set my daughters long hair on pin curls and mine too. I set (we called it rolling hair) older neighbor ladies hair at times too. I think it was the 70's when up-dos were popular and that took quite a few bobby pins. Then there was the hair-do for my daughters that I invented, it took bobby pins. I named it The Spider. I pulled their long hair into a pony tail and then separated into thick strands and pinned them all around their head with pin curls. To hide the bobby pins I pinned a small bow or hair clasp to match their dress over the pin curl. Wish I had taken a picture. They were cuter then they sound. Did I give those bobby pins to Good Will? No, probably no one wants them. Wonder if they will ever come back in fashion. Well I did transfer them from the old plastic bag into a little case and back into the drawer they went for someone to dispose of someday. Anyway I got bobby pins in case I ever need them.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017


Thank goodness for other people's blogs to give me something to remind me of something so I have something to post about. Oh that is a lot of somethings, huh? Jack at "Shipslog" had a picture of a little girl who had scribbled on the wall so here goes----When I was in the first grade we lived in the country. We rode the bus to school and there was not enough buses so we had to wait after school for our ride home until another route was done. One afternoon while we were waiting some older sisters who lived down the road from us said lets write our initials on the door facing of the restroom. It was a building out away from the school. I think at that time it had flushing toilets, not sure so don't know why it was away from the building. I don't remember knowing it was wrong to write on the walls but I learned it the next day. They started writing or maybe pretending to but I really got into it. With very large letters I printed PRM. Boy! was I proud of myself. The next morning when I was given a rag, soap, and water, I wasn't so proud.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Ducks Have Their Home Back

It was just too damp to go sit and watch the parade Saturday. Late yesterday we decided to make a run through the park, doesn't take much to make us happy, huh? The park was a mess, not with litter. I'm not sure if the visitors were that neat or if the city had already cleaned up. The pretty green grass had ugly wet ruts everywhere. The people had to park somewhere, so it wasn't their fault. I'm anxious to see what if anything the city will do to make it look better. Probably hasn't rained that much before and during Cowboy Homecoming since it started. It was always in August and was so hot and dry the attendance was probably much better this month with the cooler weather. The small trailers and barbeque pits, and people were all gone. The carnival booths and rides were still loading up, while the ducks were swimming peacefully down the middle of the river.

Ordering vs Buying From A Store

After reading another blog about her problem of ordering something it reminded me of my order a few weeks back. I know many people like to order online and love to shop that way. I like to see and feel what I'm buying but recently I did order from a small jewelry catalog a do-dad to make my pins into a necklace so I also ordered a necklace with only a cat's whiskers, nose and mouth and on the back is printed Cat Lady. The necklace came in record time and the do-dad was on back order, they said but would be sent. Time elapsed and I received a note from the company saying because of lack of more information they were sending my check back for that item and it was enclosed. So I got my necklace and the do-dad for the same price or in other words the do-dad free. I'm thankful but confused. What information did they need for it and not the necklace?

Friday, March 10, 2017

Cowboy Homecoming

Late in the afternoon if we go out to eat or anywhere on the way home we will detour through the park to feed the ducks or just to see what is going on there. We have a pretty park for a small town. The river runs through one side of it, covered cement slabs with picnic tables. Perfect place for kids to play basketball. A Volley  ball court, playground for toddlers with slides and swings. Anyway when we got near the entrance today we found cars parked everywhere on the street in spite of the damp misty weather. When we got where we could see into the park there was not a space to park. Small trailers, barbeque pits smoking. Humm how could I forget? Its Cowboy Homecoming week-end. There will be a parade tomorrow and country music and dancing. All kinds of food and judging whatever they cook. The last few years we have let it pass and probably will this week-end unless it is dry enough to go see the parade. We live on the other side of town so we won't hear a thing but those younger people will be having a good time. Good for them.