This Way To My Blog

This Way To My Blog

Sunday, October 15, 2017

The Last Roundup

At least it was for one cow today. She is at the auction and will be sold Tuesday, unless of course she figures a way to escape. With her personality she may do just that. She escaped her owner's pasture and took up with John's daughter's cows several months ago. They all tried every way to get her home. Couldn't load her in a trailer, couldn't drive her the short way home. So his daughter finally just paid the man for his cow and gave her a new home since that seemed where she wanted to be. Not long after the trade it was discovered she had a very mean personality. Cows do have their own personality just like humans. Some are nice like my long time favorite cow Shelly Marie, which Jack and Sherry probably remember me posting pictures and writing about often. This cow was no Shelly Marie, she didn't even deserve a name. She was mean. John has been wanting her sold before she hurt someone. John's son decided he would take on the job of trying to get her to the auction in his trailer along with a couple of large calves that was time to be sold. John didn't even want to go to church because he was worried one of his grown kids would get hurt in this process. Shortly after lunch he got a call from each kid. Mean cow is gone, history. They said they put the two calves in the trailer first and then started backing meanie toward the trailer gate. She stepped in, the door was slammed shut and on the way to the auction without anyone being attacked or hurt. It would be interesting to learn how she behaved at the auction with all the commotion and noise and who will buy her or will she go to market and be sold for meat.

Friday, October 13, 2017

My Columbus Day

I still think of October 12th as Columbus Day especially since it was my deceased husband's birthday. I may have said this here before and if I have forgive me. When Mel was born his parents couldn't agree on a name. I guess the doctor became aggravated and added his name as Columbus on the birth certificate. They did agree they didn't want his name to be Columbus. They had to go to the court house and have his name changed to Melvin. Well that was what I've always been told by his family. My day was spent going to the doctor for blood work and a visit with my doctor. My platelets are still stable in the 60,000's and other blood  reports were stable for which I am very thankful. The doctor thinks it is because of the Vadaza injections I had in the past and when and if I need more treatment he wants to use those again. Injections in threes for five days in the stomach or upper legs and then rest for three weeks and then go again. I had seven last time. Just thought someone may wonder. Thanks

Monday, October 9, 2017

No Rest For The Weary

I'm sure some of our neighbors had a holiday today for Columbus Day but I think they were awakened before daylight. When John got up this morning he couldn't find his cell phone. It didn't take long for him to alert me so there goes my relaxing cup of coffee. I donned my housecoat, opened my garage and backed my truck out to search since we had gone to church in it yesterday. No phone. We had already looked everywhere in the house that we could think of. He is telling me over and over to call his phone from my phone which I had already done several time with no results. Actually he wasn't telling me he was yelling with me trying to calm him down. Saying relax and think where all we went yesterday. He mostly slept in his bed all day. I got a flash light to search the back yard where he feeds his three cats. He could have lost it out of his pocket while bending over putting feed in their pan. This probably alerted at least four more neighbors. No phone. I unlocked his truck and searched it even though I didn't remember us using it. No phone. I came back inside with him and his voice of panic behind me. I went into his room and to his bed one more time, picked up the heavy comforter and threw it to the side. There was the phone on the bed. He was so glad to see it I thought he was going to kiss my feet. How can we get so involved with one phone when we grew up without one?

Sunday, October 8, 2017

My Speed Bicycle

I've never had a ten speed bicycle or any kind of speed except my speed but I've mostly always had a bicycle. There were nice trails along the San Antonio river where my daughters and I rode and later John and I rode there. When I was young I always had skinned knees from running along side the bicycle while pushing it and trying to jump on but would fall to the grown. My old bicycle is in pretty good shape in the garage for not being  used in several years. Recently I told one of my daughters I'm thinking of riding my bike again for exercise. She said oh no Mom. Paint it a bright color, put a basket of flowers on the handle bars, and park it under the tree in your front yard. I've been trying to rid my yard of yard decorations to make my neighbor who mows my yard happy so that's out I thought. After pondering the subject I thought well at 81 maybe my balance isn't quite as good as it used to be. I'll just park it in the front yard and put a FREE sign on it. Young kids would get a kick out of that, they always stared at me when I still rode it. They would ride up beside me and act like they were going to race with me. Some time I would peddle fast and act like I was going to try to race with them then fall back to my speed. When I open my garage I look at my speed bicycle and so far I haven't been able to put that sign on it even though I don't think I will ever be able to ride it again.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Just Ask The Bird

We do business with  a lady who takes her bird to work with her every day and then home again at night. I taught a parakeet to say two phrases and to wolf whistle when I was young but it took a lot of repeating and repeating to teach it. After my first girl was born I gave up on it because it wasn't smart like the lady's bird. It is a bigger bird and doesn't look like the parrots I've seen. It entertains her customers by changing it's voice and mocking her husband who it hears at home. It knows all the sounds of an office and can repeat them. Such as the staple gun and when the lady is on the phone it knows by what she says when she is about to hang up then it will make the sound of the phone being put in it's cradle. The new assistant told us she was in the office alone one day and was chewing her gum, blowing bubbles, and popping it so the bird started mocking her. I told her if you ever need to ask your boss a question and she isn't here just ask the bird.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Silly Things Concerning Crooks

Have you ever wanted to send a nice note to a crook? I almost wanted to once. We had just bought a brand new Ford LTD, our first brand new automobile. It wasn't really what I wanted but there was a reason we bought that one but thats another story. Even though Mel had lots of junk in the garage because he liked to repair things  we scooped everything over to the sides so we could fit our new car in and we faithfully put it in the garage inside every night. One morning we discovered someone had broke into our garage and took some new ramps to raise a vehicle to work on it. The crooks had taken other things from the front of the garage and put them on the new car to get to the ramps. We realized the new car didn't have a scratch on it even though there was still junk on it. Especially me was so thankful they didn't scratch my brand new car I almost wanted to thank them. Another silly thing--once someone broke into our house while we were gone about an hour and took quite a few good articles. Guns, microwave, camera, nice new coat---  when we found out the first thing I thought was thank goodness I cleaned house today. Silly silly silly, but that's me.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Will The Maker Of Glue Traps Please Take A Bow

Now I was "called down" once before here for using inhumane sticky traps. I have only caught one mouse on one, but when I caught the largest Scorpion I have ever seen I thought if I had stepped on that bugger it would have been mighty inhumane. They hurt, especially when you put your full weight down on one. I have been fighting ants coming into my house this summer. Not sugar ants, not fire ants, or big red ants. I'm not sure what they are. They are between the size of red ants and sugar ants, medium size. They are very dark in color, almost black. When I find where they have been coming in near a window, I spray and clean up the next day. then put a couple of sticky traps in that area. Just for good measure I put one behind each toilet. Today when I went into the guest bathroom I noticed something black on the floor. Thinking I had dropped something behind the toilet I took a closer look. It was a very black glue trap. Humm I don't remember buying any black ones. They had red on them. When I picked it up it was completely covered with those ants. There wasn't room for one more to fit, they were coloring the entire trap making it black all over. I'll be heading to Walmart tomorrow, may just buy a case of glue traps.