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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Pretty Tag From Sugar

Ran across this cute tag from Sugar as I was going to add one she just sent. There are so many pretty cows its hard to decide on just one. We made a fast trip to the ranch this afternoon just to check things out. The sun was shining so bright going west we could hardly see and on the ranch it was hard to stay in the little roads. The young old renters were not home but we had talked to the young lady of the pair Friday. She swears it was not her significiant other doing the shooting the nephew had complained about. She says they have been working so many hours they have not been home and it could not have been him shooting. Now who is telling the truth? Nephew can be a little hot headed, but the descriptions of the trucks matched. Guess we'll see, everything was quiet out there today. We saw Mama Twiggy. She is very sweet and like Shelly Marie she raises her head from grazing and looks at us as we pass by. We checked the sweet licks tubs to make sure the wild hogs haven't discovered it and eating it up from the cattle but there were no hog tracks around the tubs. On the main road we did see where about three baby wild pigs had been hit by a car over the week-end. Most of them are so black and run close together they can be out in front of a car before a person sees them. Ugly mess on the highway. I wanted to drive into town to take a picture of an old metal building with Memories printed on the side, but John didn't want to face the sun anymore. This building belongs to John's sister and husband and the Memories is advertising an antique shop she and her daughter-in-law use to run in the old building where John's mother ran a cafe/ beer joint many many years ago. I always get a kick out of reading the side of the building as the high school classes have used it for years for a message board to advertise their class such as Seniors.o8 and now they have started to tell other classes to keep off etc. They paint very neatly over the old sign and then add another. Funny different classes, different signs. Several old buildings going to rot and an old caboose that was a convience store. Not much left in John's home town. A fairly good school, a small store, a hardware store, and several hole-in-the-wall mexican food cafes. It was at one time a booming oil town with several beer joints on main street.


Missie said...

Enjoy your week.

MISSY said...

That's kinda sad about the hogs :(


jack69 said...

Nice looking cow named Paula up topside!
Yeah it is a shame to see a town dying. Back home they try everyway inthe world to 'revitalize down town'. Just never seems to work and a lot of money is spent.
I really enjoy riding through those towns though, but of course I am not the one hurting when it folds. It looks rustic, and I try to picture what it was like.
Enjoyed the entry.

garnett109 said...

Glad to here about MaMa Twiggy

Kath said...

It's sad to see nostalgic things fade away Paula.Many happenings like that here in England.Some places are just not the same.Whata shame John didn't feel like going.Maybe another time hey!!Have a lovely Monday Take Care God Bless Kath xx

Woody said...

I feel bad when I go "Back Home", so many things gone, I have not heard the term "beer-joint" in awhile, at one time our town had 3 "beer-joints", always opened at 8AM, always busy with the Lead Miners, Talc Miners, and Steel Mill and Paper Mill workers, all closed now, and only 1 watering hole left!!!

Take Care!!


Alice said...

It is hard to see towns come and go but it happens. Our little town is nothing but a post office, a sac&pac, barber shop and a cafe that isn't always in business. I barely notice any of it as I pass through to the town twenty miles away where I do most of my shopping :)....

Joyce said...

I have just been sitting here reading all the entries I missed in the last couple weeks on your blog. Do you have any idea how entertaining your little stories are? I'm so glad I found you 'cause sometimes I need that little extra lift you give me. (loved the skunk story especially).
Hugs, Joyce

Shirl 72 said...

Paula I love the cow on the side in the tub.
That is the way I feel sometimes. I am so sorry about the pigs. I love baby pigs, and if I had one I would walk it on a leash.
Love your stories when you take a ride out to
the ranch.


Lori said...

I love all your cows, and that is a pretty tag.

Rose said...

I am sending you a picture of a cow I found online. There used to be a farmer that the road in front of his house had gotten very busy. His pigs used to get out and cross the road. We bus drivers used to have to call the owner to keep the poor pigs from getting hit! xoxo