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Thursday, November 6, 2008

View From The Highway

Senderas cut wide for a definite reason, preparing for the next deer hunting season.
Prickly pear blooming in shades of yellow. Every now and then a fence mending fellow.
Windmills turning in the gentle breeze. Mesquite trees blooming, sign of a last freeze.
Birds looking for anything for which to build a nest, as they flitter to a post to take a rest.
A roadrunner risk his/her live to cross the road. The farmer couldn't brake with his heavy load.
Another roadkill added to the rest, the farmer tried to stop, did his best.
A ramshackle shack that was once a home, as the soil channged to a sandy loam.
A big green tractor, a giant in size. We see a flock of buzzards just over the rise.
A few deer grazing, no bucks in sight, they will wait for the saftey of a moonlit night.
The sky is blue, no impending rain, the view from the highway lane after lane.
A buttery yellow sun blocked by our visor, makes our view from the highway a little bit nicer.


Donna said...

That's great.

Janie said...

Great poem. Thanks for sharing. Janie

jack69 said...

I love this poetry Paula. It flows and it rhymes, my type of poetry. Thanks, very relaxing.
Yeah, I forgot Mt. Vernon, I loved it too, an amazing place. I liked the way they described how they kept ice for as long as they did.

You are good at the 'Texas stuff', keep it up.
BTW, how did they get cold beer in 1870's down your way?

barb said...

as always a good post!! barb

garnett109 said...

You should get a job with hallmark.
great poem

Alice said...

Hi Paula. Very descriptive :)..........

suzypwr said...

Nice poem, Paula! I have really missed reading about your cows!

Hunting - I told my ex he could continue hunting after we married, but he was to use a camera instead of a gun. He agreed, decided himself that deer are much too beautiful to kill - he didn't even want to eat the meat anyway!

Paula said...

Very nice! Love your poetry.

Barbara said...

Sweet! Makes me what to me want to go what daddy used to call "galavanting".

MISSY said...

I don't know if my last comment saved.. I like your poem! *M*

Lisa said...

Very nice poem & photograph, looks so peaceful.

marti said...

hey paula (I always want to sing that)
it's so good to read your warm hearted stories. again. I have missed you. It's taken me a while to adjust but I think I'm into it now!