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Friday, December 26, 2008

Shocking My Lantana

Not only that but my arms look like I've been in a cat fight. when lantana dies back it is sharp and crisp. Today was the perfect day to work on cutting all the dead foliage back. A gentle breeze, the sun wasn't hot, and it wasn't cold. My neighbor moved so he wasn't talking over my shoulder telling me I'm shocking my lantana. The new neighbor doesn't give a damn if I shock my lantana. He loves our weather though because he is from cold country. He doesn't get out to enjoy it just drives his sporty little car into the garage, closes the door and we don't see him again until he comes home from work the next day. After trimming all the front of the house I could see something has taken up residence under my foundation. Big round hole. I put some gohper poisen in the hole then I went to Wal*Mart to buy some moth balls and poured some of those down there. Oh yes I realize the hole is a little large for a moth or even a bunch of moths. Thought maybe the resident wouldn't like the odor. Next I'll have to get some dirt or sand to fill the hole. I live in town so why am I always fighting some kind of varmint? I got the very large garbage can filled and then discover the rubber is half off one of the wheels and I can't push it very easily. Make a call to the city for a new one. They don't deliver them until Thursday. What do you want to bet the driver will be looking at the can and not see the little wheel's problem and I will have to call again? I still have a lot of trimming to do. Oh well it will probably be winter again and I won't be interested in yard work.


Woody said...

Hope your Holiday was all you expected!!
I use moth balls!!! They work great up here in the North Country on Moles and Squirrels and Chipmunk Holes, when I fill the holes I use sand and go buy Moth Flakes, mix them with the sand and fill the holes with this mixture and they dont redig the hole. In the fall most campers spread them around under their campers and draws and closets.
What is Lantana??

Rose said...

I also use moth balls under my trailer to keep mice out.

The weather's been awful here so I can't get out ::sigh::

madcobug said...

The lantanas I buy in the spring dies back in the winter and never comes back up. Makes me wonder why I spend the money for them just for summer use. Ken poured mothballs down in chipmonk holes here and they just brought them back out and put them outside the hole LOL. Now Patches catches a lot of them. She is a fast little dog. Helen

Joyce said...

Moth balls huh? OK then. If I ever have a problem, I'll know what to do. Hope you had a great holiday. And, stop bragging about the warm weather...I'm jealous.
Hugs, Joyce

Missy said...

Hmm.. I wouldn't have thought of moth balls. I hope you get rid of the critter. (((HUGS))) *M*

Barbara said...

Enjoy the warmer days while you can!

garnett109 said...

We use to have victor control here they would rid your property of skunks and animals that invaded your property

Carlene Noggle said...

I shock my lantana every year too! lol I have asked the city here to fix the street light, get someone to clean up a field across from my house, and get new garbage cans but I get nothing but promises. Makes me so mad.Hoipe you had a wonderful Christams.
love ya,

Anonymous said...

Maybe you could tape a sign "Problem Here" with a big arrow pointing to the wheel to get their attention. Lantana was one of my grandma's many favorites... Hope you had a wonderful Christmas, oh and I hope you solved the problem with the varmint.

jean said...

Paula We had some Lantana in out flower beds the ones we had would die down in the winter but come back out in the summer months the roots were getting so big until this year when they died down we pull all the roots out It was such a job to clean out every year. I may start with new ones next year. Take care Jean

Shirl 72 said...

Good luck to get the City to do anything. They must be getting paid for riding around
in their truck with the town name on the side.
and wave at every one. I am sure they do very
little. Get very forceful ask for someone
in a management position.


jack69 said...

I think I will be shocked to find out what a Lantana is! What did you do to shock it? don't answer that!
The varmit will bring the mothballs back, or ask for more.

Toon said...

Good luck with all the pests and predators! Yikes!


Lisa said...

I use moth balls for alot of things too - also I've heard that dryer sheets and irish spring soap will keep away unwanted visitors. So you shocked you lantana...never heard of that before but it sounds like a nasty job.