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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sound Of Drought

I wrote this poem in July of 1996 when we were having a terrible drought and John had more cows to feed then he does now. It was a hot back breaking job so we would go out at the crack of dawn to beat the sun. The cactus was actually very pretty when the stickers were lit up from the fire. He would go into the cactus on one side and my job was to drive to the other side to pick him up as he would be very hot and tired carrying that tank on his back. If John had not sold 70 cows he would already be burning pear. So far he has been able to keep up with the feeding with the hay he has and buying some feed.

The Sound Of Drought
The flame shooting forward, hot as hell, sound to cattle like a dinner bell.

A roar heard at the crack of dawn, breaking the silence of early morn.

Sweat dripping down from a tired man's face, as it crosses his lips forming a salty taste.

When will the drought finally be broken? So many prayers for rain have been spoken.

Maybe there is a reason we do not understand, as the ranch turns into dry parched land.

Someday the pear burner can cease it's noise, farmers and ranchers will have time to rejoice.

Paula 1996


MISSY said...

I like that poem Ms. Paula.

Doesn't sound like much fun though :(


Alice said...

Hi Paula. Loved this poem just as I do all that you write. Did you see my snow pics? :)

Joyce said...

You're quite talented Paula. Your poem created a visual. Very hard to understand what that's like if you've never experienced it.
Hugs, Joyce

Lisa said...

What a talented lady you are Paula!! Thank you for sharing it. I could see it all in my mind and it does seem our nation is once again in a drought of sorts and we are going to need all the strength and bravery of everyone in the country to get through it.

garnett109 said...

Great poem!
There sure is a lot of work being a cattle herder!

sober white women said...

I like it!

jack69 said...

Loved the poem. It does speak to the reader. Thanks. Also hope you get rain soon. Of course if I hadn't read your journal I would never know what 'burning pear' meant. T'would be nice if we could ship weather around the country. The cows could have a truck load of Snow from the North every once in a while.

Anonymous said...

as always your poems give us an insight to what it takes to be a "rancher"...seems hard to me...but you do put an "light" side to it most of the time...Merry Christmas...hugs Ora

Shirl 72 said...

Paula what a wonderful poem. You guys do work
hard. I now know what burning pear means.
I wish you could have had some of our rain
this week. Flooding everywhere. You need to
take a time-out.


Lisa said...

This is a great poem Paula. I love reading your poems.

Gerry said...

This poem says a lot. I have not been where it was necessary to tap the cactus. Interesting. Poor John. From experience, I know that droughts are not fun! Gerry

Kelly said...

As usual, a very good read, and you are a very talented writer. :)