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Friday, December 19, 2008

A Summer Day

Its short sleeve and shorts weather here today. A short lived winter but she is coming back with force again Sunday so the weather men say. Guess Christmas caroling on a wagon in my hometown will be out. We south Texans are such sissies. It was mushy and foggy this morning when we went to check the ranch. All the cows were standing in the drive-way of the farm house bawling their heads off as if to say where is our hay? John decided he wants them to clean up the left overs and we'll take them hay tomorrow morning. We eat left overs, why shouldn't they? There is a hay ring around each bale so they haven't been standing in it and peeing on it. I think they are just lazy and don't want to bend their head down to pick it up off the ground. We will be taking molassas to put in the large feeders too. I saw something today that I have never seen there before, a squirrel. I don't know what it was looking for to eat there. There is two pecan trees in the yard but I have never seen them produce a pecan. I saw it as we passed the cattle pens. At first I thought it must be a rabbit and then I saw it jump onto the post and I knew I did see what I thought I saw. I hope it is smart enough to stay out of the yard as renter's dogs will make hash out of it. I don't mean to sound as if I've never seen a squirrel before. I had lots of squirrels when I lived in San Antonio and had large pecan trees. I loved to watch their antics as they run down the trunk of a tree to make their barking sound and tease my dog. They could run down the electrical wires and never fall but sometime they would make a mistake in the alley and get up high where there was a transformer. They would electricute themselves and knock out my electricity. I know I have said this before but I will say it again my elderly neighbor depended on selling her pecans so she used a have-a-heart trap to trap the squirrels and take them to the cemetary to release them. So back to the ranch we have a big day tomorrow to feed and get the cows ready for the cold weather and then we can go to the church party Sunday to see the Christmas story, have snacks, and exchange gifts.


garnett109 said...

You better get out there and feed MaMa Twiggy LOL!

Woody said...

8-10 inches of fresh snow, wind chill 15 below, still snowing at 9:45PM. Brrrrrr.

take care


Rose said...

I make my cats clean up the scraps they leave too. It's so annoying because I have 4 and they all have their weird traits. My good old dog Trooper used to love to chase squirrels in the back yard, I think they used to taunt him. I did see one get electrocuted once and it did cut our power! have fun at the party!

MISSY said...

It was warm here today too. Around 55 degrees and I was so relieved!

We have squirrels running around everywhere here in VA.


Karen said...

Sheba loves my leftovers. Molasses in the feeder? Is that like my putting peanut butter in Sheba's dog food to get her to eat?

jack69 said...

It is unique to see an animal where you don't normally see him. Never heard of leftovers in the field. I'll tell you, I always learn something here. I am still amazed about the molasses. I thought that was just man's delight. (I know some of your readers do not think it is human food though.)
You mentioned the christmas lights in Christmas town, mentioned in Shirl's blog. The Mill owner figured out years ago how to get everyone in town to decorate their houses, if you decorate, he pays the electric bill for the month. So he has no problem getting cooperation.

Shirl 72 said...

I am so glad Jack explained Christmas town. To bad Jack is not there to sing the Moo Song to the cows. They would be glad to eat the left overs just to hush him. The last ones he sang to left.I don't know if they returned.
My birds and squirrels fight for the food in
my yard. They sit right in the middle of the
feeder. I have to go out and tell them to let the birds have some food. They sound
like your cows. They leave the left overs for
the birds.

sober white women said...

We are sissy's here in southern California as well. I think we have another storm coming in soon.

Alice said...

The last couple days could almost pass for summer here but supposed to be cold in the morning here, too. I eat "Grandma's Molasses" so I know the cows have to appreciate it :).....

Lisa said...

It is parka weather here!!! Our animals are the same way, they act like they are too good to reach in the feeder and get what's left of a perfectly good bale. I always tell them they are too persnickity for their own good, they don't seem to understand what I am saying. LOL

MISSY said...

Hey Ms. Paula. I just wanted to stop in and say Merry Christmas to you and John!