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Thursday, February 12, 2009

It is also former President Abraham Lincoln's 200th birthday.


garnett109 said...

was he born in 1809 well its been a while since i studied history

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday to Abe Lincoln!! I cannot wait to go and see his birthplace since we've moved here to Kentucky and am really looking forward to it. Might be a spring time family excursion.

Missy said...


I haven't been around much. I just wanted you to know I had you in mind!


Karen said...

just a stop by to say "hello". Happy Valentine's Day.

Fernan said...

I've never been young enough to have seen nor heard Mr. Lincoln. The radio hadn't been invented yet and I might have been a bit short to see his picture and words about him a weekly newspaper; and, had I have wanted a look at it it might have already been put in the bottom of grandmom's birdcage.

So, your hunting, picking up, pocket knives the easy way. Where the light is better, the terrain has been lifted, much smoother. and closer to the eye.

I read you're serving drinks to a neighbor just dropping by, freely walking in so to speak.

Now you've got me on pins and needles a-waiting your medical adventures. And, if it helps, I read this somewhere, "If it hurts when you do that, stop doing that!"

Jimmy's Journal said...

Happy Valentines Day Paula.


jack69 said...

I did not wish the old by a happy birthday, but I would have went to the party had he called. Just stpooed by to thank you for the sweet comment on the Shipslog. Sherry has never had an anxiety attack. She said as she sat there whe was cojpletely numb, could not feel a thing. Like she was just fading away. I can't imagine what you guys who have lost a mate must have felt. Thanks. JaCK