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Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday The 13th

Actually Friday the 13th isn't what made me feel like a flibbertigibbet. You do know that is a silly flighty person? Thursday the 12th was my bad day. The finiancial adviser I've had since my husband died left the company and didn't even tell me, My telephone company called me to say I had not paid my bill. I always pay my bill. No I did not pay my bill. I'm saying bad things about the postman while writing a check to get it in mail in time. Today I found it in a place I never keep a bill. Humm you think gremlins? The rain was nice but my feet were wet so my foot slipped off the brake of John's truck while I was digging for my change purse in line at a fast food place. Remind me to never be too lazy to cook supper again. When my foot slipped I bumped the car ahead of me. She got her order and pulled up and got out of her car. I could see there didn't look to be any damage but I got my order and pulled up along side of her. I ask is there damage and she is on the phone so she just shrugs her shoulders. I don't see any damage so I check John's truck. No damage there. She ask for my insurance, name etc. which I glady give and then I ask for her's. She says this is my mom's car and she says not to give any information. Okay I'll just go to the police department and file a report. We left with her full of info. about me and me with nothing about her. Visions of whiplash are running through my mind. Not mine, her's. More like no insurance and no driver's licence on her part since if one shared info. the other should no matter who was at fault. The officer told me if an insurance company calls you tell them it didn't happen. You both looked at your cars, you both left, and there is no report. This morning I woke up thinking maybe I should dye Susie green and I did throw my wrickety ladder on the trash pile so I won't ever walk under it again.


Carlene Noggle said...

Oh Paula,,,you had a bad day yesterday, didn't you? That little teeny-bopper tried to hoodwink you! I would take the police's advise and swear it didn't happen! i bet she wasn't covered under her mother's insurance.
Hope tomorrow is lots better.

KaysWay said...

Oh my....sounds like you had a rotten day yesterday. Guess that girl you bumped does not know the laws. She is supposed to giver you all of her info too. Hope you at least wrote down her license plate number just in case. Maybe it's a good thing your financeial advisor left the company. If he didn't tell his clients, maybe he's like Madoff. Hope you are with a reliable company. Hang in there.


sober white women said...

Today has been a good day for me. I would not say anything. this lady will most likly just let it all go.

Lori said...

That sounded very fishy to me. I doubt you'll hear from them, but it's good that got that advice from a police officer. I'm glad today was better for you.

Jimmy's Journal said...

Wow, you celebrated the 13th a day early, I'm happy everything turned out ok.


Shirl 72 said...

The policman is right if she didn't file a
police report I don't think she can do anything. It you got her tag # I would be
sure to keep watch. You might inform your
Insuance about the little incident and inform
them she wouldn't give you any info. and just
make them aware and tell them what the police
said. I bet she didn't have driver license.
Second they may not have car insurance.
Don't you just love people that give advise
freely. HA HEE HEE I am the worse in trying
to help people solve their problems.



Indigo said...

Definitely sounds like your Friday the 13th was a day earlier! (Hugs)Indigo

jack69 said...

DON'T TELL JOHN! Uh oh, too late. YOu did! Shucks. Report the truck stolen tap yourself on the head, it was a car jacking and describe the girl. Ok bad idea. Try this Forget it.
I love the entry.
Makes you mad when an accident happens, no matter how small, because yes, theN someone usually declares whiplash, but normally omly if a report is filed. wHEN THE REPORT IS FILED AT LEAST THREE ATTORNIES WILL CALL THE INJURED PARTY AND THAT IS A FACT, I KNOW PERSONALLY.
If someone calls about it tell them to call BR549.
I really hope you will Never hear from them and you probably won't. Still makes you mad doesn't it?

Janie said...

Wow! That sounds like some of the days I have. lol Hope things get better. Sounds like the time Gary backed into a car and she didn't have insurance. She quoted me of $400 for a junker. lol I told her that I needed her insurance information and she didn't have insurance. Sure that money would have gone into her pocket instead of fixing junker. Janie

barb said...

oh oh, know how you felt--we had a couple accidents like that. one young man hit us, then claimed injuries and that his car was smashed---not a mark on ours!! the ship is the uss lexington. glad you are ok.

Kath said...

Deary me Paula it was a bad day for you wasn't it? Like most comments say.Bet your bottom dollar she wasn't covered (INS).After a few quick bucks off you probably.Hope everything turns out well with your Insurance on the other subject. Take Care God Bles Kath xx

madcobug said...

Since there wasn't a report made I don't think she has a leg to stand on. No report no accident. Helen

Gerry said...

There is nothing worse than that sinking feeling when you have hit another vehicle. However lightly. After I gave up my car I was my sister's co-pilot for years. My job was to sit beside her and yell when she was about to do something wrong. My kids imitated my unique cry for years at family gatherings like UHH UHH very loud. But I maintained I prevented some mighty jolts when she lost her concentration. Would could John have prevented this unpleasant encounter had he been present? You have my sympathy.

garnett109 said...

Like the cops said it never happened

Jan said...

I hope things got better on the 13th ,there is to be another one in Nomember lol Jan xx