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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Shout Out For Robot Nine

Alan over at Robot Nine loaned me one of his cows and is she a beaut! Alan has lots of strange, weird, pretty and unusual things to look at. I stayed home to do my house work while John went to Poth to get feed. I had my old jeans, jacket, and sunglasses on waiting by the door when he came back. We headed for the ranch after stopping to pick up our tacos of course. We pay the same price for two or three so its a good thing we bought three. That made one for Miss Kitty who showed up after months. I was thinking she had been killed by renter's big dogs. Those poor dogs get blamed for everything. They sure have run all the grass down to a nub though. Mama Twiggy (named after Johnny G. at My Brain Is In Pain mom) was standing by a fence. She has her own little personality. She always stays in sight of the herd but not with them and is always standing next to a fence but not always the same one. I'm sure she has her reasons but I don't know what it is. She is easy to spot as she has very short legs. The girlfriend's calves are still hanging together. They are so cute playing together like human kids. No I didn't get a picture. When I get out of the truck they run. When we drove toward town we saw a herd of javalinas. Part of them on the property and some by side of the road. This is the first we have seen javalinas in a long time. Seems the wild hogs have run them off. The two of them doesn't seem to cross or mingle. Sad news to tell no name cow didn't make it. She was just too weak. Her calf is doing okay and being fed. John is thinking of keeping her to grow into a cow. The other option was to feed her until next Tuesday and then take her to the auction. We are waiting for time to take my truck and one of John's in for the yearly inspection sticker. Would you believe that garage closes for lunch and takes his time getting back? That is one thing I've had trouble getting used to after living in the city for so long. Offices being closed for the lunch hour and sometime a little longer then an hour. Oh well if we don't catch him we'll have to try another day. He always has plenty of stories to tell.


garnett109 said...

When a cow dies do you harvest it's meat?

Kath said...

Awww sorry no name didn't make it Paula how sad.I hope you keep the calf.Would love to see pics of it and see it grow.You always sound so busy.Have a great day Take Care God Bless Kath xx

jack69 said...

I guess the first question in my mind was the same as GArnett109. What happens to the cow?
I am glad Miss Kitty is back and the calf is doing well. Life's cycles are not always pretty.
FOOD: Did you buy three tacos between you or did you buy three tacos each. Surely you can't eat just one taco, and give one to the cat.LOL
Anyway we love the stories of the ranch and Texas.

jack69 said...

Back about closing for lunch. That is something we found traveling especially west of the Mississippi, in the small towns they close for lunch like they did when I was a little boy. Most businesses in Europe are closed from one to three in the afternoon, or they were when we were there a few years ago.

Joyce said...

OK. Call me dumb, but what is a javalina. That's a new one on me. I'm sorry to hear about the cow passing away. I hope John keeps the calf so we can follow it's progress. So glad you kitty returned unharmed.
Hugs, Joyce

BlueRidge Boomer said...

Up here in the mountain berg....not only do they close for lunch...but, they rolled up the sidewalks after!


Carlene Noggle said...

oh I hate that the cow didn't make it. I am glad John is going to keep the baby...What is a javalina?
I bet those tacos are so they are not like the taco bell
Hey, the old stores in my town closes up at noon on Wednesday's and don't open back up til hursday! lol They have done this since I was a baby...
love ya,

Alice said...

Sorry about the cow, Paula. Hope the baby will be ok :)

Shirl 72 said...

I guess I might as well ask the same question
"What is a Javalina".

I am ready to sing at another Funeral if you
would let know the arrangements. Thats makes me so sad about NO Name. It looks like
the baby is doing OK. I hope she does not
know her mother has passed. Let me know
where to send flowers.


Jimmy's Journal said...

Sorry to hear about No-Name; I was hoping against hope she'd make it.


Janie said...

Awww that is too bad about the cow. Those little calves are the cutest things when they are little. They usually do get kind of wild when they are not played with. :) Tacos sound good. Gary does not like any kind of Mex. food but I do. :) Hit the last entry you made and decided I needed to check this one first when you mentioned dead cow. Hope you and John have a good week doing all your running about. :) Janie

Kelly said...

Dang, I hate to hear the cow didnt make it. Isnt it something how some of them do tend to stand out more than others and get noticed like that, like the one by the fence. That cow in your picture above is strange...but really neat at the same, I like it. Have to go see what his site is like. Kelly

Lori said...

I'm so sorry about the cow. I hope the calf does okay.