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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Comfort Zone

Why are human beings such a creature of habit? A few sunday's ago the minister said he would like to tell everyone to move to another pew. He said he probably won't do it but he would like to. I have been thinking John and I should surprise him and march right down to the front next Sunday and sit on the front row but we probably won't because we are two of those creatures of habit. When we started going to that church we sat on the back pew left side. We did this for several sundays and then a very large younger (then us) woman arrived before us and sat in "our" pew. After a few sundays we realized this was "her" pew so we claimed the back pew right side right behind the elderly man who sits in the second to the back pew right side. He sits next to the wall. It is probably his comfort zone because he often falls asleep in church. I'm not putting him down because he has a handicaped daughter at home so he may be up with her some at night and be tired. Over the years I've heard remarks about people who sit on the back row but what is wrong with that? Reminds me of when my oldest daughter and her friend were young and decided to go to church by themselves. The next sunday I ask her if they were going again. She said well Mom we don't know where to sit. I said you can sit anywhere you want. She said no a lady told us we were in "her" seat so we had to move. John and I couldn't sleep tonight so he was playing switchy changy with the remote. There is nothing on TV late at night except weird shows. Who in their right mind would enjoy watching someone murdered? One show some kids in their prom clothes had a wreck. One kid was knocked out on the pavement and one stayed with him while the others went to call for help. When the wrecker drived arrived he bent down and took the boys face in his hands and just broke his neck. Everytime John changed the channel it was about the same speed show. Seems to me if a person doesn't quite have all his/her ducks in a row this type of show could give them an idea.


Cindi ;) said...

I agree about the shows...where's all the funny shows??

garnett109 said...

The front of the Church is the back and the back of the church is the front , how wierd is that?

jack69 said...

We are definitely creatures of habit. Even in a new church we usually head for the right rear as you go in.
Our church is different in Forida. You have to get there early to get a front seat. Here in NC you have to get there early to get a back seat.
Haven't had the problem for a long time, but I have and you are right there is nothing of interest for me LATE NIGHT on TV.

Ever noticed you don't mind the channels being changed when you do it, but when someone else does it get aggravating. LOL
TAke care
Jack & Sherry (Sherry has not got here yet!!!!)

Sheila said...

My hubby has that same trouble with the remote...ha. But you are right there is nothing much on late at night (early morning). Take care, Sheila

Marlene said...

Hi Pauline, Wow, you really hit the nail on the head. We sit in the same pew for Mass every Sunday. When the C and E's (Christmas and Easter) folks show up, I get hot when they sit in MY pew.

Carlene Noggle said...

You hit ht enail on the head Paula about the church pews! lol When I finally got back in church, someone had taken over "my pew"! lol I also agree with you about the tv shows and movies...there are so many plain EVIL movies now...Where are all the comedy's and musicals???
love ,

Tabby said...

Hi Paula,

I know what you mean about your comfort zone or how people pick there seats. I always like about 4 rows from the back.

I hate some of the tv shows they have on now a days, I hate horror and gory stuff. So much for good ole wholesome tv, you have to watch TVLand for that they play all the old tv sitcoms.

Have a nice day !

Shirl 72 said...

Jim and I visited the Largest Church in Charlotte. A lady can up and tapped Jim on the shoulder and said you have my seat. I
can't remember if we moved and just kept sitting. We sit in the same seat every Sunday
right side 2 rows from the back.


Missy said...

I have a certain way of doing things too and when things get changed unexpectedly, my anxiety level raises sky high. Take care Ms. Paula.


(I have a letter coming your way)

Joyce said...

I've always liked the back of the church It is true that if you are looking for someone, you usually know where to look because they always sit in the same place. As far as the remote goes...that's why I'm single. I don't have to share mine with anyone. LMBO.
Hugs, Joyce

Fernan said...

What’s this? I get to stuff two comments in one box? This a new space or paper saving? Now that I’ve written this I might have forgotten my original comments.

Trying this one on for size…
When I accompany Frieda to church she likes sitting to the back neared the restrooms. Myself nary needing all that rest I’d rather sit up front where the listening’s better and I may keep a closer eye upon the speaker for any slight of hand trying to put something over on us!

The second or first comment forgotten, I’ll make one up, “He who passes gas in church sits in own PEW!”

Jennifer said...

It's the same way at our church. Everyone sits in the same place week after week. I don't like to sit in the back, though. I'm short and I have a hard time seeing over other people's heads.

Kelly said...

I never thought about it until you mentioned it, but people do tend to sit in about the same spot at church dont they? I think that was rude of that lady to say that to your daughter, saying that was her seat like that, where does it have her name on the pew? Good way to run off new folks to the church.

Adirondackcountrygal said...

If there was something wrong with sitting in the back pews, churches wouldn't have them!