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Friday, April 24, 2009

The Devil Beat His Wife

Yep he did. It showered this morning at the ranch while the sunshine was shining. Not enough rain to do any good. It was a drought rain John says. We started the well running to fill the tank for house water and went to check the cows. When we came back it still hadn't filled. Very unusual. We took another ride and came back and it still hadn't filled. Then John started checking. He found a leak in a pipe and the water was running out. Guess where John is now? I'm here cleaning house. You can see that I am. Well I do have a new recipe in the crock pot. It is all canned vegetables and turkey chile and cooks for six hours. The lady who gave me the recipe says its sooo good but it doesn't sound so good to me. Anyway the cactus is blooming so pretty, mostly yellow and some are orange even though the cactus it self is brown and some has just simply wilted in it's tracks so to speak from the drought. We found Mama Twiggy named in remembrance of Johnny G's mom who passed away all alone in a pasture. She always likes to be alone. She is a calm cow with short legs and guess what she is expecting? So is Shelly Marie but then Shelly Marie always has a calf on the ground or is expecting one. When we started to the back forty we could see what looked like an area in the middle of the pasture that was very wet. When we got close we could see it had been wet and renter guy had been cutting di does with his four wheel drive ruining the precious green grass. In other words cow food. Boy! Is he going to be in trouble with John again now.


Tabby said...

Oh boy that renter of yours is in for I think you should be able to keep Shelly Marie for ever since she make's so many babies she is good to have around. Why are you cooking something that does not sound good to eat???....LOL I hope you get some rain soon, real rain.

jack69 said...

I have heard that saying all my life. I thought that was a local thang. HA!

Glad youare cookng cleaning house instead of telling us aobut the leaky pipe, the expectant mamas and a renter who doesn't think like a COW person. He has no idea the importance of the grass.

Funny how responsibility used to start at around 18-20 yrs of age. Now I think it is 50!!!!
TAke care.
Jack & Sherry
PS: congratulate the Girls for us.

garnett109 said...

congrats to mama twiggy

Lori said...

My belief is that if there is something cooking on the stove, or clothes in the washer or dryer, or dishes in the dishwasher, then you're cleaning house, even if you just happen to be on the computer at the same time. Hope he found the leak and got it fixed. It's terrible that some of that precious rainwater had to be wasted.

Lynne said...

So sorry, you are having water issues and renter issues! I hope it all works out! Exciting news about calflings to come!