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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Country Music Jam Session

We went to an open mike jam session tonight. No John or I didn't sing or play. We went to listen even though we were invited to come up on stage. Only one young guy wasn't very good at all but he seemed to be mentally challenged so everyone treated him nicely and clapped. We sat with a group of people whom we know and one lady we've only met a few times so she told us a little about her life. She comes from a family of 23. I can't imagine raising that many kids. She told us of her family all going to church in a wagon. Wish I could have talked to her more but the music was starting. I'll bet she has some stories to tell. It turned out her daughter-in-law is the real estate woman who sold me my house. It pays to never say anything bad about anyone in this county as everyone is kin to someone else. One little boy only six years old played the fiddle. He started out with a song he didn't play well but when he got warmed up he played two songs and did very well for his age. Bet it won't be long he will be jammin' the Orange Blossom Special, one of our favorites.


garnett109 said...

23 kids in a wagon going to church and I bet it was not a station wagon either? Am I right?
I'm trying to picture 23 kids in a buck board wagon with their sundays finest on wow.

Ally Lifewithally said...

23 Children I bet they all had a happy childhood ~ there were 12 of us and I know it was wonderful having all my brothers and sisters ~ it teaches you to share and be happy with your lot ~ Ally xx

Shirl 72 said...

That is hard to believe 23 kids. I sing
in a band and we sing mostly gospel and
country. I bet you had a good time. We sing
at a lot of Senior Citizens events. Performed
2 times last week. I sang today at Holy Angels. Same way in Belmont watching what you say. Everybody is kin. Jack wanted me to sign a contract and prick my finger and sign it in blood that I would keep my mouth shut.
So far I have not been into trouble.


Sheila said...

Sounds like fun. We sang with the karaoke (?spelling) at the graduation party for my daughter and her friends. But the adults just sang along, we didn't use the mikes...Have a nice day, Sheila

jack69 said...

Don't tell her,(Shirl) but I read the comment. She has stayed out of trouble? HA! She is finding out though that someone is kin to someone no matter who you talk about. HA! But so far she is doing pretty good.
Good entry Paula. I bet it was a lot of fun. But I cannot imagine, for the life of me, 23 in a family. I would bet she does have some tales to tell.
You shoulda sund a song!~
Good entry
Jack & Sherry

Tabby said...

Hi Paula,

What an interesting story that would of been hearing about (the 23 kids). That sounds like a nice time you both had. :)

Kelly said...

Thats a huge family. I can't imagine! Had an episode at my neices wedding where someone was opening their mouth and inserting their foot. Bet she will never do that again, like you say, you should always watch what you say around things like that, everybody knows everybody.

Jennifer said...

I had to laugh about the being kin to everyone. My family on my maternal grandpa's side is so huge that I don't even know them all. I meet people all the time that will be talking about someone and I'm usually kin to the person they're talking about. I usually just keep my mouth shut to keep from putting them in an awkward position and sometimes what they're sayin is true anyway.
Oh, and I love the Orange Blossom Special, too!