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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Country Road Fix

Cheerful company shortens the miles.__German Proberb

As we started out early this morning on the highway I could see something black ahead in the middle of the highway. I ask John if that was dead hogs or tires? Sometime they are hard to tell apart from a distance. Black pieces of tires and parts of dead hogs look alike. When we got closer we could see it was black wild pigs. Evidently the mama made it across and a car hit the young pigs. It was hard to tell how many it was but it was several. The wild hogs are pest but it isn't a pleasant sight to see them killed like that. They are usually black and hard to see at night on country roads where there is no lighting. We checked out the road where a friend of ours is moving to and made a big circle seeing some cute little minature donkeys. I want one! I had an idea but John said I am an air head. I said his back yard is large enough and the hee-hawing would get even with the neighbors. I wrote here about the neighbors moving in a small run-down house in their back yard. We talked to the city about it and the inspector as we think more then one house is not allowed on one lot in this town. We didn't get anywhere and the house has stayed. Now the neighbors are fixing it up which is better if it is going to remain but we think someone is going to live in it. Oh well John didn't agree to a donkey so life goes on. We passed the ranch of the man who bought some cattle for John in Louisiana and hauled them here. John thought of stopping to see if he wants to buy a few more there for him but I just drove on past. If he doesn't want a donkey he doesn't need anymore cows. It was a pleasant drive and gave me my fix until next time.


jack69 said...

One of our Rangers in Florida nearly totaled his truck on a BIG wild hog, they can be as deadly as a big deer.
Maybe you will have to settle for a pig instead of a donkey. Shirl loves pigs. I have always wanted to be able to rent a Hog for a day and have a farmer deliver one to her house.
Don't be surprised if Shirl sends you a min. Donkey. (If she can find one up here, would John get mad?) Don't do it Shirl.
It is hard to deal with zoning in any town. It is according to whether they want to go to the trouble, about the house. lots of times it is how wealty you appear, what if John would get a bigger ranch more cows, you all could swing it.
Enjoyed the entry. I got here first and to your comments first today, I am on a roll. I beat her here.
jack & Sherry

garnett109 said...

Its a regular meat market there in texas

madcobug said...

I wouldn't be surprised if someone didn't deliberately run over those pigs to get rid of them. No donkey , no cows LOL. Helen

Sheila said...

Get a donkey and tell John, 'look what followed me home today'...ha. I have heard of people buying old sheds or such and putting them out back to fix up as guest rooms but not a whole house. Sheila

Martha said...

I saw if Jon get anymore cows you should definitely get your donkey too! :-)

Jimmy's Journal said...

I like the idea of a little donkey but I'm not sure of the upkeep. I wonder how big they get?


Shirl 72 said...

I will look for a small donkey and small pig.
Small enough we can keep them inside. I think
they are so cute. Tell John it a type of a new dog breed. My brother loves to stir up


Tabby said...

Hi Paula,
Ooo I would not want to see baby pig road kill either. You need a mini-Donkey, that would be so cute! That is funny if you can't have one then John can not have cows.

Lisa said...

awww, you know with my heart for animals I would hate to see the babies hit. Poor Mama hog, I bet she was upset. I know they aren't welcome there but still....

Oh I wish you could get a mini donkey ~ they are just the sweetest little things. Keep pestering him, if he is like Doug he'll give in just because he is tired of my whining ;)