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Friday, June 12, 2009

Guess What I Saw Today?

It was a horned toad. I was beginning to think they were extinct. Just yesterday I ask John's daughter if she ever sees any and she said once in a while at the ranch but not at her place. Well that is where I saw it today. It ran to the edge of the little lane going to the back forty. I was so happy to see it. They have a lot to eat on this place because it is loaded with red ant dens or beds we call them and that is what they eat. Today I talked to an interesting lady while waiting in the waiting room of a doctor's office for John. I should rephrase that I listened to a lady. She talked non stop. She was a little different but aren't we all? I kept hearing this little cheep cheep. She told me she had been to the flea market and bought some chicks and she couldn't pass them up. We're into three digits in temperature now so she couldn't leave them in the car while at the doctor's office. I ask where are they and she held up a cloth bag. She told me all about her husband's ailments and said he had been about to die several times. She said something I found a little on the odd side. Really a lot on the odd side. She said now she doesn't get in a hurry to call an ambulance because he has so much wrong and is in pain. Then she proceeded to tell me how she would have to cut back when she becomes a widow. She had a book with her where she keeps records of all his tests, medicines etc. and said she has a book like that in each automobile because she doesn't know which one they will be in. She told me all about going to flea markets and buying wool blankets that people didn't know how to take care of and they have shrunk. She dunks them in water, squeezes them out and painstakingly stretches them out with a hair pick until she stretches them almost to their orginal size. She told about eating at a place in a town close by who has an expensive wine list but their eating utensils are so cheap she can't pick up a pea or a bean with the fork. She pulled out a set of eating utensils from her purse to show me she keeps her own with her now. Then she ask me if I wanted to hear a funny story? Oh yes! She said they live in the country and never throw old clothes away because they are good to work in. One day they just ran into town to do an errand and didn't take time to change. She said they looked pretty raggedy but her husband needed to eat. She wasn't hungry so she just ate one chicken leg off his plate. A young mother with her children was sitting near by and observed their clothes and the fact that she didn't have a plate of food but was eating a chicken leg off his plate. The young mother came over and gave them some money. She gave it back explaining that they are quite well off and explaining the situation. The young mother's heart was in the right place and she was teaching her children kindness but you can't tell a book by it's cover. When they left the lady told me I'm so glad you were here you were a diversion.


REGINA said...

hi paula..

i have missed reading you. i loved all the tales that your doctor's office friend told. i wonder if the doctor would have thrown out the chicks, lol.

i will try to get over here more often and read and comment.

take care and keep in touch.


garnett109 said...

won't call an ambulance, me thinks shes looking for some insurance money?

BlueRidge Boomer said...

NC has it's share of odd people also....sometimes i think they always sit next to makes the time fly-by.....

Great Story......LindaMay

Ally Lifewithally said...

sounds like you had an interesting time in the Doctor's Surgery :o) ~ Ally x

Shirl 72 said...

I learned that I need to carry my own utensils
in my purse. Never know when you might have
to eat with plastic. (HOw FUNNY) You sure
ran into a buzz saw. People are interesting.
I wonder if she ever thinks she could go first. Health means nothing about leaving this world. Many other ways. What a conversaton.


John said...

Thanks for stopping by. And Miss O has a lot more plants and flowers. She said I can take pics and I will post them.You mentioned the back 40.Thats what my Dad always called his back yard. I lost him lUNE 20TH 2008.Almost a year a go
Take Care

jack69 said...

WEll we pulled into Edinburg, Va for the night. Little mishap with the hot water heater while parked but under control. While I am messing around Sherry gets on the computer and is laughing her head off. Have you read Paula Yet? NO! You gotta get to this! I did and I did the same thing, youare a mess woman. That is a great story. If I get a chance I am digging through Sherry's stuff to see if she has a record of my ins and outs. hahahaha!
I know folks that talk non stop, but they are not half as interesting!!!!
TAke care and have a good Sunday. Whoa, up into the three digits in temp. WOW. We once went to Yuma in the Summer, now that was an ignorant move!
Jack & Sherry

Carlene Noggle said...

hmmmmmmmm...while I too had to keep accounts of all danny's meds and his hospitalizations...not once did I want to take my time getting him to the hospiatl! Wow...that lady had some tales to tell...funny about the lady trying to pay for their thing I have learned being a waitress is that you can't judge folks by the clothes that they wear.

Martha said...

Well Paula I guess everyone deas with life as they can. Interesting day for you I'm sure!

Martha said...

PS - love your new header photo! :-)

Celeste said...

Now that was a character!

Sheila said...

Well at least you had an interesting way to spend your time at the doctor's office...ha. And all you had to do was sit back and listen. Great entry. Hope you had a great weekend, Sheila

Jimmy's Journal said...

There's a lot of strange people in this world. That was nice of the young mom to try to do her part. Glad I wasn't there.

I've never seen horned toad up close, but I've seen my fair share of horny old toads.


Gerry said...

Paula, I don't think anyone else but you could run into a lady carrying baby chicks around in a hand bag sitting in the doctor's office. I wonder how many mates have delayed waiting to call the ambulance? I have a suspicious mind because I watch True Crime. I hate fiction crime. There are no stranger people than the real criminals. This lady's frugal nature sounds like my dad who came to the office looking so decrepit his doctor always gave him free pill samples instead of prescriptions, and he was mighty glad to take them, since he never finished a prescription anyway unless it was painkillers. I can hardly respond to all the strange things you picked up about this lady You are a natural born detective. Gerry

Rose said...

sounds like this lady is ready for anything!

Tabby said...

Hi Paula,

I have never seen a horned toad in real life, I do not even know if we have them here. You meet some of the most interesting characters! I would of loved to hold one of those chicks. Good to hear from you.