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This Way To My Blog

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Lost My Train Of Thought

Must be the south texas heat or maybe the wii balance games I played with my daughter over the week-end. Then it could be from talking to my granddaughter by way of skype while she is in Prague. Then I am all set to keep my eyes peeled tomorrow for the ups man who should be bringing the books Jack and Sherry sent. They were so kind to include some of my poems in his new book "Toby's Tales". All these things are a lot for an ole country gal to take in all at once.


Jon said...

This Texas heat would make anybody lose their train of thought (but, heck, my mind is jumbled whether it's hot or cold..... Congratulations on your poetry!

Donna said...

Hey, you covered a lot of items in a short entry. That's an accomplishment in itself.

garnett109 said...

a cowgirl like you can handle it

sober white women said...

will you please send some of the heat this way?! I am getting really sick of this cold crappy weater we are having. LOL

Tabby said...

We have 60's and rain all this week....I wish I could send you some so you could cool off. Wow you played WII I want one of those for the balance board for exercise. It is awful wonderful some of you poems will be published, you do write such nice poems :)

jack69 said...

I completely agree with TAbby, that is why I asked for your permission to use them. Hope the books arrive in good shape and you like them.
Funny thing, I got a note from Rain, in Quebec. Her package was torn open and the PO had retaped it. the tape was on the book called Sticky, she said Sticky was sticky.
Best to you in the heat!
Jack & Sherry

Shirl 72 said...

Paula you poems are a good read in the book.
I know you will like them.


Rose said...

wow Paula you are so progressive! ahead of your time! xox

natalie said...

sounds wonderful Pauline! How will you celebrate Fathers day?
Please come and visit!and comment!