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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Snakes in the Stock Pond

We left at 5 A.M. yesterday to travel a country road skirting the small towns of Dilley, Chrystal City, Brundage, and Los Indio, ending up at Eagle Pass. Most people use interstate to arrive faster to gamble their money away at the casino. Not us, we went for the drive and to see where the Border Patrol scrapes along some of the large ranches so they can see when illegal's pass and which they they headed. The roads are better now but still not much traffic. We saw a large facility belonging to the Border Patrol. Looked to be a training area but I'm not sure. It was certainly in a good place for one. They have made a nice one way in and one way out paved road to the casino. Not many people there on a Monday so we figured with all those machines, lights, and employees they certainly couldn't afford to let us win anything so we left looking in the small towns for a good place to eat and didn't find any as we didn't want to get off our route. We stopped when we got to John's hometown at R&A cafe. It isn't the same as the owner whom John has known for years has had a stroke. His wife has been lucky enough to sell the property. Back to the snakes--John's son leases a place for his cattle behind John's daughter's place. This morning he took off work to work his cattle and sell his calves. He discovered one of his cows had been bitten by a snake and the cows seemed afraid to go up to the water. They discovered there are snakes in the tank. They called an aurthority to get advice on ridding the tank of the snakes. This is all hearsay on my part but they said the man told them to sit in wait and shoot the snakes with a shot gun. He also told them to stay in the truck to do this as when you shoot at them they will chase you. As I said this is hearsay on my part but I told John lets go out and stay in the truck to watch operation snake kill. A neighbor is supposed to do this and already done it once. John has a million excuses why we can't go out there when this is taking place. John is a killjoy not a snake killer.


garnett109 said...

I wander what kind of water snake it could be?

jack69 said...

Mail call today, we got the book. Tanks! (with no snakes!)
I thought you guys were going to eat at the casino. We do that a lot traveling. usually the food is reasonable. Sometimes they have an RV park that is also reasonable. Of course they expect you do drop a little gambling which we seldom do. I may put a doller in the slot just for fun, but that is it.
So, no fun, didn't get to see the snake killing. Amazing they suggested a shot gun, but that is making sure.

BlueRidge Boomer said...

Snakes seem to be in abundance this year....seen more in the last month than in the last three years....yikes!! Only one bear sighting,,,though!


Jennifer said...

That would be a sight to see!!

Carlene Noggle said...

I would like to see that too Paula! Will the cow make it?
love ya,

Cindi ;) said...

I have an award for ya...come by my blog & snag it!

Shirl 72 said...

I killed a baby snake, and they tell me the
mother is looking for me. I am on the alert.


Lisa said...

Will the cow be okay from the bite? Yikes, no wonder they didn't want to go to the water tank, I'd steer clear too. That sounds like a heck of a way to get rid of them, would have been something to see. I have seen alot of black snakes around. Now I am dreaming of black snakes and red crocodiles - Doug said it sounds like I want a purse. LOL