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Friday, July 17, 2009

Out And About Early

We beat the crowd to Wal*Mart this morning to buy two small air conditioners for the farm house. The tenants are melting since the two a/c's stopped working or at least working properly.Wal*mart was out of the small ones and don't intend to get anymore in. Geeze we've got two more months at least of this heat. The clerk was very helpful in trying to find some at another store as close as she could find. Probably have to get the next size up in San Antonio. We had planned to buy them and take them out so they would be there when the tenants get home from work. Oh well we thought we will go out anyway to see if the new cows are okay. I started thinking of the 14 months when we lived out there. It was a drought then too. Really it was worse because the field in front of the house was plowed up and when the dry hot wind blew the sand came in under the window air conditioners and under the front door and windows. It is a good sturdy house but that redish sand could creep in. I hated that. The spiders seemed to come in more too. I guess spiders get hot and thirsty too. I got to the point I didn't even kill them unless they were black widows. Don't know if I ever found one of those inside the house but sometime in the garage. I have a lot of widowed friends since I am one but I don't like those black spider ones. John had put Shelly Marie and her calf in with the new cows so she could get some special feed. Today he opened the gate for them to all go out with the herd. One, a black cow, spotted the open gate and she just had this look on her face like huh huh the old man forgot to close the gate so I'll escape. We were back home before nine o'clock so we can hug the a/c all afternoon.


garnett109 said...

It can't be that hot in texas for air conditioning what is it like 100 there now?

Tabby said...

I do not know how you can do anything I would never leave the house. I complain if it gets above 78 in my house and I have central AC.

Lucy said...

Paula, It has got to be so hot there. Our temps are cooling at the moment and hope it continues. My son brought in some sweet corn and I have it cleaned and cut off the cob and froze. I am just getting on the computer since early this morning. I am with Tabby on the A/C temp's.

Gerry said...

It's been quite a while since I have been down Texas way to visit you, and it sounds like you are having a heat wave and no rain just like we are. 114 degrees hits you hard when you venture out. Everybody is worryng about their air conditioning holding out. That is all that lies between us and the end of life as we know it. Gerry

Jennifer said...

Oh, those poor tenants! They have to be miserable!
We've worked in Texas several times in the summer and it was HOT! We weren't even in South TX either!