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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Precious As A Poka Dot Dress

First let me say I had no idea when I commented in Carlene's blog yesterday that I would be writing about the same subject today. It was so precious I just have to write about it. When I came home this afternoon after the sun had gone down something crossed in front of me before I turned on to our street. At first I thought it was a big dog but it couldn't be. It had spots all over and the ears didn't fit a dog's ears. It was a fawn, the cutest little baby deer. It went into the yard of the senior citizen's apartments at the end of our street. I pulled around the corner to watch it a minute. It was right up by the building, I presume looking for water. Some of the ladies there either have outside cats or feed strays so maybe it has found water or food there before. This area was at one time a large farm and ranch. The deer came from the direction of the old grain tank in the picture. That part is yet undeveloped so there could be any kind of wildlife there. There is a pond but it has been dry for several months. I have at times seen wildlife but not often. Once I saw two javalenas, once an exotic deer raced along beside my truck, a roadrunner, a skunk several times and John hasn't trapped it yet. John used to see a red fox when he would walk early in the morning. I was so excited to see a baby deer right here in our neighborhood. If I was ever going to break a law it would be to keep a fawn for a pet but I won't. I know it is a good law to not be allowed to keep them as a pet. I know a lady who was mauled by a grown deer that her brother had kept for a pet. She went to his house unknowing he was not home. When she got out of her car the pet deer attacked her and hurt her badly. Wildlife is wild are unpredictable but aren't they a joy to see?


garnett109 said...

Wildlife is wild are unpredictable but aren't they a joy to see?

And They Taste good too!

Lucy said...

I love to watch deer and especially baby deer or young deer. And as you say, they are not meant for pets. But if we can watch them from a distance it is a joy.

Lynne said...

I bet it was cute! I have to agree, that some animals are not meant for pets and deer would be one of them. It is so sad in our area because they are building up so much that deers can't safely cross roads. It is more uncommon not to see a dead deer than it is to see one during parts of the year. Something is just wrong in that picture.

madcobug said...

I love to watch deer. I hope it found food and water. Helen

Kath said...

Yes Paula I too was amazed when I saw Carlene so near the deer with her hand.The Rooster and I a few yrs ago saw one which was very frightened here in England when we were out walking on afternoon cooped up in an old derelict Textile Mill.We couldn't believe what our eyes were seeing at the time.We reported it to the RSPCA who rang us back later that day and thanked us to say they had recovered it and it was safe back in it''s own enviroment.The Rooster wondered if someone had captured it and was going to go back for it when it was dark.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

jack69 said...

Yes, it is a joy to watch animals, especially the wild animals when you get the chance. There is nothing cuter than a fawn. The larger wild animals are interesting because of our inate curiosity. They are a wonder to behold but at a distance. As you imply, they are unpredictable because they are WILD.
Sherry & Jack

Ally Lifewithally said...

Paula they are a joy to see ~ we have deer in the woods around us here and I always feel privileged when one crosses my path ~ Ally x

Fernan said...

They indeed wildlife is a joy to see.

Heli gunner Tom said...

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