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Monday, July 6, 2009

Two Trips

We made two trips to the ranch. First to check the cattle and check their mineral etc. The tubs were low so we headed to Poth, Texas. John also bought some magnesium for them. A man told him if the cows need it they will eat it and if they don't need it they won't eat it. After he put it out one cow found it and she was liking it but she is raising thee calves so I would think she would be one to need it and everything else she can get. John went around honking the truck horn to get their attention so they knew there was something new to eat. We found Shelly Marie with a brand spanking new jet black calf. We stopped and got out of the truck to get a closer look and see what sex it was. Shelly Marie had other ideas. She started leading the calf away from us so we didn't bother them. She will let us look in a few days. Another black cow without a name has a new calf too. There were two wild ducks in the water tank but haven't seen the big white egret in a while. On the farm to market road we kept meeting all kinds of lawmen and wondered what was going on then we remembered a young man had been killed in a motorcycle accident over the weekend and today was his funeral. The young man's Dad is a lawman in the town so the surrounding men attented in respect for him. It was hot as usual but not quite as hot as some other days. The weathermen are saying we will be back up to three digits soon.


jack69 said...

I liked this trip to the RAnch. New Calves, I am sure John is happy.
I think is is good when the officers show up in support and respect for other officers.
Take care.
Sherry & Jack

Sheila said...

That was a nice surprise, two new calves. That is so sad about the boy killed in the motorcycle accident. That was nice of them to show their respect. Hope the temps stay in the double digits, take care, Sheila

garnett109 said...

Texas. John also bought some magnesium for them

ok what does that do for the cows?
Just wondering.

Carlene Noggle said... babies on the ranch!!!
Hope you had a good 4th Paula.
love ya,

Tabby said...

It must be so nice to go see all the babies, especially your favorite Shelly Marie. I am sorry to hear about the death of the young man, we had 8 holiday deaths in my area all from stupid drinking and driving.
Take care

Lisa said...

Awww, Shelly Marie has another little one. I bet he is a beauty being all black. Sad about the lad killed on his motorcycle.

We put big mineral blocks out for the buffalo which also contain magnesium. They told us the same thing, they know if they need it.

Rose said...

my boss at work has a new calf too. she names them all and is as excited as any new mom! we have had unseasonable cool weather here.