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Saturday, July 25, 2009

When It Gets Cooler

I was talking to a classmate this morning. I had to rethink calling her an old classmate because we are the same age give or take a couple of months. we've always kept in touch. At one time by letter and now by phone. We have had such a good friendship I wish we lived close enough to visit once a month but we don't and probably never will. While I was talking to her the other phone rang and it was a woman who rented from Mel and I back when we were young. She was younger then us but our landlady tenant relationship became a friendship. She said this is Janie. I said Janie who? I know several Janies. I called her back when I was finished with the first conversation and we did some catching up. My how time flies. They are senior citizens too and retired. I'm waiting for them to catch up with me someday. When we talk about once a year we always vow to get together when it gets cooler. Maybe we will this time but we probably won't. Maybe I will visit her when it gets cooler. She only lives 45 minutes away. Only trouble is we don't have much cooler weather and what we have is so short there isn't enough time to do all the things I promise to do when it gets cooler.


jack69 said...

I know that ain't lying is it? Cause you really mean it.

Those vows are real, they are meant (at the time). Funny how so much comes up to just prevent or delay such meetings that you really weant to have. You have again touched a cord that we all have in common.
But you are lying! You ain't gonna doit. LOL
I hope you do. Somebody needs to do it, I think I just lie to myself. LOL
Sherry and Jack

jack69 said...

That must be a new Entry picture. I don't remember a Fan being open.

sober white women said...

It is funny how we say "we will get together" but we never do. I have had that same conversation with several people. Maybe someday. It is still hotter then heck here, so I wont be going or doing to much.

Kay said...

Isn't it terrible how we plan to get with people we care for and then it ends up years before we really do it. We always say "When it get's cooler' or "When we have more time", but it never happens. It's sad.


garnett109 said...

it never gets cooler in texas does it?

Lynne said...

This post definitely brought to mind a memory. I have a couple of friends where we talk maybe once a year and I always say "Someday we're going to have to have lunch together!" I borrowed that line from a movie I saw during youth group years ago. It was called Christian's progress or something like that and boy some of the messages in that movie sure stuck with me thru life. They eventually got an opportunity to catch up - when they got to heaven, lol.