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Friday, August 7, 2009


Mel proudly served time in the Army after being drafted in the 50's. On his off time he surveyed sites such as this in Japan.


Lucy said...

I would imagine he saw many sights. Good that he came home.

garnett109 said...


jack69 said...

Yes I am sure there was a lot to see, remnants of the war were still there in the 1950's. There are somebenefits to the uniform, one is NOT a benefit, being away from the one(s) you love.
Sherry & Jack

Jeannette said...

Nice to see old photos but not so nice to see war damage.

sober white women said...

Last week a bunch of us were talking about nice the guys use to look in uniform. Sure I get to see guys in uniforms, but not like back then.

As soon as I saw the picture This song popped into my head. Please share it with mel

if for some reason it does not work go to you tube and look up jamie johnson...seen it in color.


Lisa said...

What a haunting photograph.