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Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Moon Is Not Holding Water

This picture is borrowed from National Geographic, Isn't it pretty? The moon is not holding water tonight and it is lightening in the far north. Do I dare hope? It only made it to 100 degrees today. John went out early this morning to see about the downed cow. He found there was a problem with the well so he was able to convince the well man to come look at it. He did get it fixed before John 's daughter arrived to help get the cow out of the water. They did get her out and she is in the pens with water and will be fed there so the herd can't bother her. Her calf was no where around but John says he thinks it is old enough to make it on it's own and in her weak condition she doesn't need it nursing her and draining her energy down any lower then it is.


garnett109 said...

hoping the cow makes it

madcobug said...

Glad they were able to get that cow out and put her up until she gains her strength back. I hope her calf makes it ok. Helen

Donna said...

It's always something when you have livestock, isn't it? My cows brought a bull to dinner last night. Sheesh.

jack69 said...

Never thought of problems like this with cows. Never in thinking did I see a cow that could not 'run' in a sampede (movie with Rowdy Yates or the Duke.

Nope no cup on that moon!
Hope you get some rain,
Sherry and jack

Lucy said...

I am so glad the cow is out and hope she makes a full recovery. I hope the calf is old enough to make it on its own. Thank you Paula for all your prayers and well wishes.

Missie said...

Hopefully the cow will be okay. I'll say a little prayer for it.

Have a good weekend.

Lisa said...

I'm glad to hear the cow will be okay, I hope her baby does well too. Poor girl. Keep us updated please.

Tabby said...

Hi Paula,

I sure hope the cow is alright and the baby too! Only 100 degrees???? I would just internally combust, I hate the heat and hate when it is above 80. We are having wonderful 70's here I wish I could send you some cool weather.