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This Way To My Blog

Monday, August 17, 2009

Tamed The Turtles

We went to check the cattle feed to see what we needed to buy at Poth, Texas and then back by the house to call to see if the feed store there had it. On the way to Poth John told me to turn down a road to the right. A way we had gone before just to divert the route a little. After we had driven a few miles I said are you sure we are on the right road? It looks different. John said well you should have turned left back there. Say what? He always tells me how to drive. Which lane, speed up, slow down, do this, do that. So why did he not tell me to turn? I don't think there was a road to the left. I think he got confused and didn't want to admit it. You know how men don't like to ask directions? We circled around and went eight miles out of the way. Thats okay it was a nice drive. Have you ever noticed farmers doesn't live in old farm houses anymore? We saw several big pretty farm houses but people don't have the cattle they once did. Too dry but not as dry over there as it is where John's cattle are west of here. Got the cattle fed and we stopped on the tank dam. I forgot to bring the puppy food for the turtles but I was nibbling on a biscuit and sipping coffee so I started pinching little pieces of biscuit off and throwing it into the water. I've got six that come to eat now. They are so tame now they will come to the edge of the water. They are not pretty turtles. They look green and slimy but everyone can't be pretty, can they? They liked the bread but birds here claim the old bread. They may all have to learn to share. On the way home I smelled a pig pen. It was in the truck, has to be on John's shoes. Right? When we walked to the porch I told him to check his shoes I smell a pig pen. John doesn't have pigs. No one we know has pigs but a pig pen is a pig pen has a distinctive odor. John wasn't the guilty one. My one shoe was clean but the last one I raised had a large wad of wet mud. Wheeee thats where the smell was coming from so I pulled them off and left them to air on the porch. We finally figured I had walked on the edge of the water feeding the turtles and stepped where the wild hogs had been wallering.


garnett109 said...

Oh that's one hell of a smell!

REGINA said...

i tried to catch up on some of the posts, paula. i think you are doing a wonderful job cleaning up the PATHWAY TO JESUS, lol. not many people would even consider doing it, let alone really doing it. i applaud you for it, but be careful, please.

maybe you can get a group together from the church and it will get done faster. organize, girl, organize!!!!


Lucy said...

He got you lost because he is a stubborn bohunk but some one has to watch out for them, right??? Just kidding Paula. Pig pen smell is so gross. You just keep reminding me of my younger life but I love it.

jack69 said...

Men are never lost, just looking for a new way to get there! We hate to bother folks by asking them silly questions (something will look familiar soon, want it?)

Squeezing in some time on this laptop with an in and out signal. text seems to be doing good now.

I hated to read the last entry about the idiots who dumped on your pretty road!!!

Hope the county willl help soon.
Sherry & Jack

Connie said...

Catching up on your posts.I love reading this!!

Anonymous said...



Shirl 72 said...

Love the turtle story. Went to see a friend
who lives on the lake. On the way down I had to
stop and move two turtles out of the road so
they would not get run over. They said Thank you it would have taken us awhile to get across
the road.


Lisa said...

I'm so glad the turtles are coming to you!! That is so neat Paula. Not so neat is the pig poop on your shoe....I imagine that is a very foul odor.