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Monday, September 7, 2009

The Back Roads After Dark

Yesterday I read all men are alike they just look different so we can tell which one is ours. Mine is the one in his underwear in front of the TV with the remote in his hand. ALL WEEKEND. Soooo I told him I am going to feed the turtles. He says it is too muddy on the tank dam. Well I'm going to see. Just because we had a shower here in town doesn't mean it showered at the ranch. He got up and got dressed. Sure enough it was as dry as a bone out there. Turtles were waiting patiently under the tree. I had to hurry to feed them as John wanted to go by his daughter's to check a lock on a gate where the oil pumpers go in. Someone has been fixing it to look locked but it isn't. He thinks they may be leaving it open for a night outlaw hunter friend. No proof but he locks it everytime he finds it open. When we got almost to her house I saw a big flock of wild turkeys in the field. She and her mother were happy to hear the turkeys have weathered the drought and came back. We stayed until just dark and saw a jackrabbit cross in front of us. The first we've seen in a while. John ran over something in the road and ask me if that was a snake? It looked like it was so he backed up and it was gone. On the road toward home we saw a lot of eyes. A whole herd of deer crossing. John said do you know what they've been doing? Yes eating the farmer's peanuts. We need to travel the country roads after dark more often. Its cooler and safer so the animals come out to play and eat.


Lisa said...

Wow that would be something to run into a whole herd of deer in the dark!!!
Yes, I'm finally getting some time at blogger again! I MISS YOU LOL!!! Nice stopping by!!!!!!!

salemslot9 said...


Indigo said...

Someone once told me in the hot areas of the country you didn't want to be near a water basin or gorge at night. When I inquired why they said the animals are likely to come out at that time to enjoy the water. Some wouldn't be the cuddly type either. I thought that was fascinating.

Seems there is a bit of truth to it hearing you talk about all the animals you came across at night. (Hugs)Indigo

jack69 said...

John is yours? The one with the remote? The one in his underwear? Yeah now I understand. The rest of us were dressed and taking our wives to feed the turtles!!!!!! LOL
It is always a thrill to see wildlife, no matter how often it happens. Don't think I ever saw a herd of Deer. Sherry just called my attention to a picture some took on the trail that had a herd yesterday, but they were in Virginia. They are overr run with deer.
from the Catskills,
Sherry & Jack

Lisa said...

I actually DID laugh out loud about men, especially your description of John. I am still laughing! It sounds like you had some good wildlife sightings on your journey, fun!