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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Begging Like A Dog

One of the turtles I can recognize now. It is one of the larger ones and it has a white stripe over it's eyes instead of red. It looks almost silver with it being wet. It is the only one I see with a different color stripe. I wonder what that means if anything. It seems to be one of the tamer ones too. It always comes out of the water to me and it raises it's front feet, paws, claws, what are they called on turtes? Lifts it's head up toward me and reminds me of a dog begging. I'm almost sure they would eat out of my hand but I'm a little leery of them biting me maybe accidently. I'll take my yard gloves someday and try feeding them with those on.

The phone is ringing off the wall with the ad for the farm house. When I had my rent property I always enjoyed showing it to prospective renters, meeting and talking to them. Yesterday I went with John to show it and the man was most interesting. He didn't rent it as it was much bigger then what he needs. His wife and five kids are in another state until they sell their house there and then they will all be moving here to our town. Guess his wife doesn't like the country so he thought he would enjoy the quiet for a while. He mentioned liking to target practise with a bow and arrow. Said he could get a couple of round bales of hay to put behind the target. . I had to kind of laugh to myself as to how long that hay would last with John's cows around. Today we went out to show it and waited for about an hour and the man didn't show up. Oh well that is par for the course in rent property and it gave me a chance to feed my precious turtles.


J said...

That reminds me of my big turtle "butch." I miss her :( well anyway, I just wanted to swing by and say hello paula! I miss talking to you via the blog here. I really do treasure your wise words. I hope all is going well for you, take care!

garnett109 said...

feed them some lettuce for a change , i think i hear one barking!lol!

Shirl 72 said...

Paula I just love your stories about turtles.
I talk to the squirrels but they are so busy
they want give the much time. Jack has found
some yellow jackets that are living close to
my bird bath in he natural area. He found some
honey bees that is using my other bird bath.
That is strange that they drink water. He mowed
my grass today and blew the leaves. He is such
a good yard man, but he want stay long. He said
he was going to kill the yellow jacket tonight.
He is being real good. HEE HEE


BlueRidge Boomer said...

Maybe the silver strip is a sign of age...sort'a like graying at the temples.......!!

Love the turtle stories....LindaMay

madcobug said...

Cute turtle story. I hate it when people don't keep appointments. Don't call or anything. Ken used to have appointments to do pest control. sometimes when he got there no one was home and they hadn't called to cancel appointments either. A waste of gas plus time when someone else could have been scheduled. Helen

Lucy said...

Oh Paula, you are making your turtles into pets.In the wild. How cool.

Missie said...

I think the turtles are lucky to have you!

salemslot9 said...

make sure your
gloves are sturdy, Paula
really enjoyed your story

Jimmy's Journal said...

I don't think they'd bite you on purpose, but I'd use the gloves as well.


Lucy said...

I am a bit tired today but just had to drop in on the turtle gal. Sounds like everything is under control. I got my flu shot today and my hair cut so I think I wioll veg out for a while. Have a great day.

Sheila said...

When your turtle friend looks up at you and lets a tear fall from his little eye, you are going to scoop him up and take him home.... :)
Have a great day, Sheila