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This Way To My Blog

Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Flower Pot On The Fence

It was so nice to be out in the fresh air this morning. I trimmed all my lantana back. I don't like them to grow up past the windows and not too far out into the yard but didn't want to trim them while they were blooming so much. Susie loves to be my guard while I'm working. She keeps the neighborhood cats away.

Note to Jack: No we don't do the cleaning of rent property. I don't get the money, I don't clean. lol I've done enough of that in my day but I sold my rent property a few years ago and haven't picked up a paint brush since. John is above that menial work. lol He usually hires his daughter and her mother or someone else. The boots on the fence were mine although they were men's boots. I'll tell you the story and you knew I would, didn't you? Years ago Mel and I hunted on his grandmother's property west of San Antonio which is now in the city. Close to dark one day he shot at a deer. He thought he hit it but it ran. He would never leave game so we were out walking hunting for the wounded or dead deer. Instead of finding a deer I heard a rattlesnake. I yelled and jumped sky high. He shot the snake and it was getting dark so we had to quit looking. We planned to go back the next day but I was snake shy. I had to have a pair of boots. The only store open when we got to town only had men's boots so I had to settle for those. Never did like them and never did feel comfortable in them so they ended up being a flower pot on the fence. We never did find the deer so evidently he missed.


Tabby said...

Hi Paula
I am playing catch up again. I remember once you had a picture of those boots on the fence it makes a great flower pot!

jack69 said...

If I am around, I like to clean. Just a character flaw I guess. However to clean and get the rent does give more incentive. I like the story behind the boots, and they do make a good flower pot., I was laughing, Sherry looks over, you are reading Paula too! We just finished supper and I was not paying attention to what she was reading. Funny how you get to thinking alike over the years.
Have a good one,
Jack & Sherry still in NY

Lucy said...

Jack gets mentioned in my blog and yours and Shirls a lot. I just want to say a special thank you to you Paula, and of course have tried to express that to all who knew what we were facing. I don't have any friends left and of course I would rather be without friends if it had to be my neighbors. I know I have support from true friends on the blog.

Shirl 72 said...

Paula I wish I had some turtles to feed. On
my lily plant leaf there was a small white frog about the size of a quarter. The next day it
had started turning brown. Then the next day
it was gone. I cannot figure how it got there
and where it is now. I wanted to keep him but
he has disappeared. I don't think you can keep
frogs. LOL


Donna said...

You tell the best stories of anyone I read!

Missy said...

Shoes for a flower pot... What a country-creative idea ;) Take care Miss Paula! Miss you lots.


Lisa said...

Hi Paula!! What a cute idea for the boots!! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
Lisa in KY

Sheila said...

Sorry you are losing the renters. Maybe it won't take long to rent it out again. Hope you and John have a great weekend. I've gotten behind in blogs the last few days, trying to get caught up today. Take care, Sheila

Jimmy's Journal said...

I like the flower pot boots! As for rattlers, I've run across many of them on camping and fishing trips. I've found that they won't bother you, if you don't bother them.


Martha said...

Great story and love the boot flower pots! Thanks for stopping by my new blog :-)