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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Our Town

This is the only statue we have in our town. Sorry you can't see it very well but take my word for it you don't see any cowboys dressed like this one around here now. Rarely see chaps or spurs. This cowboy stands guard in front of city hall. Before football season is over some high school students will probably put a green football jersey on him. We have lots of large oak trees that are very very old. Many are in the middle of streets and they have cut the street around the tree. The San Antonio river flows through our town and that area is nice with a park. Coming in from one way is ugly with old empty businesses. Some other ways are okay and one way is nice with open pastures with cattle grazing. This way you pass the large Cowboy Fellowship. We have most every other church denomination scattered in our town. We have many mexican reastaurants, lots of fast food and many beauty salons. One movie theatre and one bowling ally. The super Wal*Mart has most anything we would need. Many elderly people retire here. Most older people we meet did not grow up here. Many served their military time in San Antonio and discovered our town. Businesses come and go here. Seems some spring up over night and leave the same way. We have a rather large school district, one funeral home, several attorneys and quite a few doctors and dentists. We even had a large perfume factory that didn't last but a few years. A nice retirement home, two older nursing homes and one large very nice modern one. Other odds and ends of shops. The sign as you drive into town has printed a little over 8,000 on it. I don't think it has been changed since I've lived here. Maybe they will change it after the census. There is several new housing additions and a new duplex on every vacant lot since they built a Toyota plant up the highway. Our town is named Pleasanton and to me it is pleasant. We have cows, goats, chickens in places in our town and wild animals still visit us at times. We're kind of a combination country/city. Some people still speak and wave even if they don't know you. Crime is rearing it's ugly head faster and faster though. We had two armed robberies last week. Graffiti is becoming more commonplace here. One of my daughters said she would be depressed all time if she lived here. I will never be depressed as long as I can drive my truck to feed the turtles and see the cows and explore the country roads.


Donna said...

That was quite interesting; I enjoyed the description of your town.

Lucy said...

I really like the description of your town. Having only been to the Dallas area and staying on I35 nearly all the way down there and just heading for the place where the kids lived didn't see much more. We were to busy getting lost. I had my comment setting set like yours last night but had to change the mouse and then had a problem getting the thing to work. Finally had to unplug my modem and I bet during that time my settings went screwy. I made it a pop up so it should work today.

Cindi said...

love the turtle

madcobug said...

Cute turtle picture at the top. Your town sounds like it's mostly a good town. Helen

sober white women said...

we see "tagging: a lot here. The city will come cleasn it up, but the gangs put it right back. I however am like you, I can still be happy. I love the beach, so I just go there and I am happy. Oh I love the turtle as well.

Kay said...

Sounds like a really nice place to live. I love your header photos of the turtle.


salemslot9 said...

your cowboy is pretty big
when you click on the photo
our city has around 85,000 people

Tabby said...

Your town sounds lovely! I like the statue. Compared to where I live it is a small town but it does sound great. Glad you have all your animals to entertain you.