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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Thank you Ora for the turtle picture

So many have said they like the turtle picture I thought I should give credit where credit is due. I don't know where she got it. I do have a caption that is similiar to the one she sent with the picture and you may have seen it printed in my side bar at one time. Something to the effect If You See A Turtle On A Post You Know It Had Help Getting There. I think we would all agree to that. The water was so murky today they had trouble seeing the puppy food. They still wanted to come close. My throwing arm is getting much better so most time I can place the piece of food about two inches in front to the turtle's mouth. Not always but most times. Those turtles can swim faster then they can walk but I guess that is natural since they are turtles. They can sense that I'm there (bragging), more like there is food across the stock tank. I don't know if it is the motion of the water but I can see them swimming for all their worth coming toward the side I'm feeding on. To Shirl: I can't tell if they are getting fat under their shell. The largest one has a shell about the size of a dinner plate. The smallest is about three inches long. My dream is to see a very large one or a very small one. We hadn't planned to go out but ranchers have a way of having their plans changed on a moments notice. John's hunter who hunts on his place where his daughter lives called. He said someone has cut or damaged his deer feeders. They had fixed them where the corn wouldn't come out. Some remarks had been made about neighboring hunters luring all the deer to where they are hunting. How rude and unsportsmanly. His daughter will have a talk with the landowner in the back to try to get everything straightened out. Of course you can bet when I heard John was going out I grabbed a container and filled the puppy (turtle) food. When we left his daughter's house I shook the container and suggested we go feed the turtles. Lucky turtles!


garnett109 said...

I wonder if you left a trail of food out of the water to you if they would eat out of your hand?

madcobug said...

If someone didn't like the deer corn feeder they should just make one themselves. That would have been the solution to that and not destroyed some one else. Helen

BlueRidge Boomer said...

Your turtles sound like they are fat and happy...!

Enjoy them....LindaMay

Lucy said...

I love your stories about the turtles. Isn't it nice to get pleasure out of such simple things as turtles.

Shirl 72 said...

I agree with you it is rude and unsportsmanship to lure animals to hunt them. I thought you were suppose to spot them in the woods when it was season to hunt. Glad the turtles got fed. Thanks for letting me know about not seeing turtles weight gain I want worry. They get exercise swimming.


Fernan said...

Deer baiting is a serious (felony) business in Michigan, punishable with jail time loss of hunting priviledges for some years(?), fines, puplic service, and/or any combination from all the above.
Reason? Deer are also social animals. One deer carying TB and eating on a bait pile passes it's sickness to the others. The sickness is called bovine TB, Regardless the name, Cattle had nothing to do with originally contracting the desease nor originally spreading it. Cattle men take the braunt end of the problem the State slow to take the measures to erdicate the problem, either closing down or opening wide open hunt clubs in the north east corner lower penicular Michigan's mitten.
If one infected cows is found in a herd, the sate comes in distoying the herd, bury them on site and quaranten the land for years.
Oddly enough I had learned to walk quietly many years ago and have successfully deminstarted sneaking up on deer. I've never baited and had successfully taken a deer for almost every year I had sought one.