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This Way To My Blog

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The air was fresh this morning. Not quite cool enough for a jacket yet. The turtles and cattle seemed content. John even fed the turtles little pieces of tortilla. They liked it or maybe that is what the hispanic family who lives in the farm house feeds them. They are so funny when they come out of the water to get a tid bit. As soon as they get a good hold on it with their mouth they will scurry toward the water. I should do some research and see why they do this. Do they feel safer to eat in the water? Or can they not eat unless they are in the water? They seem to swallow it whole but its hard to tell. We went to check out the back forty and found the sweetest new baby bull calf still with it's cord on. It looked so soft and was a beige color. As we passed the house new renter's son came out to tell us they had already filled the water tank yesterday so we didn't have to do that. When we left to check on John's daughter as she still isn't well, we saw a man from Mexico fixing fence on the side of the county road. John stopped to chat a few minutes and got to practise his Spanish or I should say Tex-Mex. The man seemed greatful for the break. He waved goodbye with a big grin.


Sugar said...

i love hearing about the turtles. :)
it's rather cool here, but not bad yet. won't be long till snow & ice will blanket us, with teen & single digit temps, brrr.
have a busy day, have to have my presugrical testing today, & do last minute things,as tomorrow is surgery day.

Lucy said...

I am glad that you feed the turtles. It seems they are quite the characters. Was going to read blogs last night but wound up watching Country Music awards. Nothing like the older stars, such as George Jones, and to many to name.

Anonymous said...

does the weather get cold enough there to form ice on the water ?

it will be interesting to learn if the turtles hibernate. we would miss your stories about them,

Martha (Menagerie) said...

Sounds like a nice Day Paula. Be sure to fill us in if yu find out any further info on the turtles :-)

jack69 said...

Hi Paula!
Maybe they need the water to soften the food. I don't think they can chew. My mind holds info like a sieve. I looked all that stull lup about turtles when I wrote Toby's TAles.
Any sounds like a good day.
Take care,
From NC
Sherry & Jack

Shirl 72 said...

They probably softens the food or they don't like to eat in front of people. I think it is funny that they come out to eat. Turtles always seem so shy. The new baby sounds pretty.


Tabby said...

Hi Paula,
Wow you even have John feeding the turtles now :) Sounds like you have some good new renters that is great. I hope John's daugher feels better soon. Are you right on the Mexican border?

garnett109 said...

The feel safer in the water because they move to slow on land

Lori said...

Sounds like a good day. Glad the turtles and the cattle are doing well.