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Monday, November 30, 2009

Snow Flurries?

I wouldn't bet on it but thats what the weathermen are saying for the hill country just north of San Antonio and we are 45 minutes south of San Antonio. The last time it snowed a snow that we could count as a snow was in 1985. I want to say it was 13 inches but not sure but I remember it well. Mel and I had stayed in all week-end watching it off and on out of the storm door and admiring the beauty of it. It isn't safe for south Texans to drive in snow or ice. Monday morning there was still lots of snow on the ground but he had to go to work. He worked at South West Research Institute, a very large place where there were deer running there. He took his nice new camera to take pictures of the deer in the snow. When he came home he sat the camera on the kitchen table and we went out to eat. I had splurged on a nice all weather coat with artificial fur on the collar and sleeves and partially lined with it. He said it wasn't cold enough for it so I laid it across the bed. We were only gone about an hour and when we came home there was a policeman in the drive. He came to the car and ask if we had left guns on the bed. We said no. He said it appears someone has broken into your house. Our renters next door had seen a car pull away from our house loaded with stuff and called the police. When we went in the guns were on the bed. They appearantly took them out of the closet and was going through to see what was worth taking when something scared them so they only took a couple of guns. As I walked to the bathroom there was a jewelry box upside down on the floor empty. They had evidently dumped the jewelry into their pocket. The joke was on them there I don't buy good jewelry. In the kitchen Mel's nice camera with snow pictures inside were gone and my good microwave. Not a little cheapy but one that I cooked in a lot. My nice coat was gone off the back bed. We felt so violated but the silly thing was I thought I'm glad the house was clean. We stayed up most of the night thinking of things and checking to see if it was still there. We drilled a hole on either side of each window and inserted a double headed nail. The windows couldn't be raised unless we took the nails out from the inside. We still didn't feel safe so we had burglar bars installed. On our side of town that wasn't an unusual thing to see. We bought white heavy duty ones with a nice design. No we weren't afraid of a fire as at night we always kept a key in the burglar bar door and one above each escape window in the bedrooms. Two years later Mel died and I lived there alone for eight years but never felt afraid. Everytime I think of snow I associate snow with my missing things and the rats that took them.


Joyce said...

So it's safe to say they never caught the thieves Paula. What a terrible thing to happen. I can only imagine how it made you feel. I've never had anything like that happen (thank goodness) and pray I never do. Too bad that you associate the beauty of snow to that horrible invasion.
Hugs, Joyce

garnett109 said...

sorry to hear that paula,

madcobug said...

About two weeks ago someone broke into our next doors neighbors just right after dark. We live pretty close but never heard a thing. Broke out a kitchen window and carried two big slim screen TV's out the door. Front door or side door we don't know.It was on the side of our house close to our bedrooms so No we never heard anything to look at at. I personally think it was some people who knew where they were and felt safe getting them. If they found out anything I don't know. Helen

Marty said...

How terrible ... it must feel awful to have your home invaded like that.

Rose said...

boo I hate thieves! I like to look at snow, and drive in it, but most of the other drivers around here don't know how to drive safely in the snow!

Lori said...

Oh, I'm so sorry that happened and that you think of it when you think of snow. What a terrible thing!