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This Way To My Blog

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Thank you Gerry for this award

Gerry from The Daughters Of The Shadowmen gave me this award and I appreciate it so much. However I have trouble picking a few to award to so I will just say all the blogs I read are so special to me. I've done so little to write about today I don't feel I deserve it today. Just to put it mildly I've had "the don'ts", that is what my Mama used to call a day like today. She didn't have many of those unless she had what she called a "sick headache". We could have gone to Homecoming at my hometown today. We could have rode on the church float in that parade. I would have seen a lot of people I haven't seen in years. Tomorrow the church will have an all day affair, but I don't plan to go. Hope I'll cheer up by Monday and go to the Historical Society meeting to listen to music and an hopefully interesting speaker. Monday is my favorite day of the week so maybe I'll have the "do's" by then. Again thank you Gerry for thinking of me.


jack69 said...

I like a person who loves Monday. I always looked forward to Mondays also. I hope you get the do's by then.
(YOU should have rode the church float!)

We are in North CArolina still,
Sherry & Jack
PS: YOU have neve written a 'nothing' blog entry. YOu are one of the folks who can make "nothing", interesting.

Martha (Menagerie) said...

What's wrong Paula? It's not like you to have those kind of days! I hope you will feel better tomorrow and go enjoy the festivities!

garnett109 said...

I've got the blues also

Anonymous said...

Paula and the "nothing" blahs just don't go together at all...and I do hope you are better on Monday morning....I too think Monday is best day of week...and you should have gone to your church goings on....why who knows you might have come up with interesting stuff for your blog...NOT that you need do alright by yourself LOLOL...take and hugs...Ora (and myself and most of us have been there done that")!!!!

Lucy said...

Congrats on the award and you do deserve it. I do so wish that I would not get the blahs but as you all know I do. Hope you are better today.

A Middle Aged Mom said...


Lori said...

Very nice award!
I hope the "don'ts" are gone now and that you enjoy your Monday. Monday is your favorite day? I can't remember it ever being my favorite day.

Jimmy's Journal said...

There's a BIG differnce between a "sick headache" and a headache. Later in life, I began to assume that they were migraine headaches, but they were really bad.

Sensitivity to light, a pounding skull, nausea and vertigo were my symptoms. Thank God I don't get those any more!