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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Hay For Brunch, Doesn't Everyone?

This pretty siggy was made for me by Sugar because I guessed correctly that her surprise is a new doggie. Can't wait to see a picture of it. Thank you Sugar.
We waited this morning for the temp to warm up to go feed the cattle but when we got there the gentle breeze was a little chilly. The cows were all lounging around in the tall grass chewing their cud without a care in the world. As we went over the tank dam I didn't see a single turtle head or bubble in the water. It had rained some rain we didn't know about so it was too wet to go up the hill to load a large round bale of hay. John opted to drive over to his daughter's house to pick up a bale there and haul it back which is what we did. After I cut the twine, pulled it off the hay, and started rolling it up while John was rolling a hay ring over to cover the hay so the cows don't tromp and pee on it I started my walk to check the turtles. Cows doesn't have good manners sometime. Not a turtle in sight so I thought they had made a liar out of me and wasn't going to come out until winter is over. We drove the tuck over the dam and counted the calves. For once John and I got the same count, 14. He sold the big ones recently. The cattle are looking well in spite of the colder then usual weather here. As we drove back over the dam I thought I saw a couple of heads bob up and some circles in the water so I ask John to stop. Evidently they heard the motor of the truck but there were only four. They seemed slow and not anxious to come out of the water so I fed the four and when I was almost out of food I could see two more making their way toward me. I don't guess I will be trying to pet a turtle anytime soon. I'll have to set my goal for spring.


Sugar said...

glad you like the new siggy. i hadn't told anyone yet that it was a doggie, planed to announce that on monday. lol guess i should go ahead & make a post & announce it, huh? lol
have a good wkend.

garnett109 said...

the cool breeze here is about 10 degrees

jack69 said...

I'm glad your cool breeze was not Garnett's. Good you got your turtle fix for the day. Can't imagine a cow with no manners!!!! Not if you are teaching!!! LOL

Take care keep the cool breezes on that side of the Gulf.
Sherry & Jack over in Florida

Marty said...

Hi Paula,
How interesting ... you might have a new career ahead of you as "The Turtle Whisperer!"

Sayit-baldys said...



Ora said...

Hi Paula...I'm baaaaack!!!! and happy to know that your "turtle" friends are keeping you "happy"!!! and cooler weather in south Texas??? wow!!! today it is 32 here!!! got snow over the week big deal...the stores were still crowded...yes...daughter took me out shopping this week end...I do believe I had a "senior moment" there!!!! LOL...Merry Christmas...Ora...the returning blogger!!!!

Rose said...

lucky girl, turtles for friends! hope your cows pals don't get jealous! ;)

Dar said...

Was just thinking of the turtles here in Northcentral Wi...they burrow themselves deep into the mud at the bottom of the waters til spring thaw. It gets bitter cold here with lots of the white snow on the ground to insulate the lakes. I suppose the turtles appreciate the blanket of white as much as their friends the frogs and toads. The burrow under the ground for their hibernation season, sometimes only inches. It truely is a miracle they do not freeze to death with our ground freezing as deep as 4-6 feet in 50%below temps.
Continue to tell us your wonderful stories and poems and adventures in your lovely state.
Blessings Be Yours and the turtles and the cows and all the wee birds

Jimmy's Journal said...

Good to hear the turtles are doing well, They become a bit listless in cold weather.

I like your poems!