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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My Apology To All The Hamsters

I'm so very sorry I called you a mouse. Its all John's fault because he switches the channels so fast I can't tell one thing from the other on the ads. I only saw the add one time and that was in a fleeting moment. No Lucy I don't want at Zhu Zhu for that price. In fact I don't want one at all. Someone wanted one for her Goddaughter for Christmas and couldn't find one in the city. Those fad toys are easier to find here in the country as our kids are more into 4-H, raising stock show animals, and such things. If I could just find someone who works in the toy deartment at Wal*Mart. I would like to know exactly what these Zhu Zhu hampsters do that is so facinating to make them the most wanted toy in the country for Christmas.


jack69 said...

And a zu zu to you too! What ever that is.
Anyway you will not get one the cat will!
Sherry & Jack

salemslot9 said...
I didn't know
anything about them
so, I looked it up for you

Lucy said...

Well Paula, I never thought I would hear of anyone sending an apology to a mouse but I think that is very noble of you. You went to my day to day blog and I appreciate that, but that entry said it all as far as , I guess it would be classified as a "missing you More than ever cause he loved Christmas and died so close to ChristmaS", and I was hoping to get through this year without it but I was down yesterday and I should just not write on those days. I fight to keep the sad thoughts out of my blogs.

sober white women said...

good luck in finding help at wal mart. Our wal mart sucks for that. LOL

Shirl 72 said...

I think you should get one to keep your Cat
company. They would have a good time playing
together. It could be your Cat's Christman present. LOL


garnett109 said...

they are battery operated and run all over the place