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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Now If Someone Would Leave A Room

The things renters leave behind. This is the third time a renter has left behind a large piece of exercise equipment. Sooo I was thinking if there was someway we had an extra room we could have our own gym. Yeah right like we have that kind of dicipline. The latest is one of those large things to walk on. I don't remember the name of it. Takes a lot of room and it doesn't exactly work as it is supposed to so you have to work on it manually. Probably why they didn't take it but wouldn't that be more exercise? Once a renter left a rowing machine on the front porch when they moved. We brought it home and tried it in our garage for a while. Ever trip over a rowing machine? Now the one I like best I have here in the computer room so I can admire it and think I need to start using that thing. It is called a Healthrider. Its more fun to go to Curves where you can get caught up on the latest news in our little town while we exercise. If anyone ever leaves us an extra room we could have our own gym.


Sheila said...

Now if they would just leave something you like and you have a room for you'd be all set...ha. Hope you are nice and warm, take care, Sheila

Donna said...

Paula, I love your view of life. Keep that sense of humor going!

jack69 said...

I love the ads on TV that sellthe exercise equip. to folks. Just 15 minutes a day and you will look and feel twenty years younger. Folks buy this stuff and leave it for you or sell it at a yard sale for $2 after they paid $100.
Hope someone leaves you a portable room.
From NC but soon to be Florida,
Sherry & Jack
PS: Ever notice the folks who advertise the exercise machines to lose weight or tighten muscles, don't need it. LOL

madcobug said...

We had one of those treadmills but very seldom used it. Made my back hurt to much to use it. It got sold at a big discount LOL. Helen

Joyce said...

I've bought a piece or two over the years. They end up being something to hang a shirt or coat on. lol. I guess that attitude is part of the reason I'm overweight. lol.
Hugs, Joyce

Lisa said...

Hi Pauline... stopping by to say hi!! I've been on a computer hiatus for quite some time but I wanted to take some time to stop by my favorite blogs.... I sure do miss my rowing machine!!!
Yes an extra room for all of our exercise equipment would be like heaven!
Lisa in Kentucky

sober white women said...

My girlfriend rents out property and she always calls me and says come see if you want any of this stuff. I am not longer shocked. I think the funniest thing I saw a sex swing bolted to the ceiling in the garage.

Gerry said...

We had a nice exercise room we could look at, but when they moved it out from lack of use I don't think anyone missed it. There seems to be no recipe that will cause walking on a treadmill to be interesting. I have to have a few sights to look at in my walks or I can't even whip myself to do it.