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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Green Button

John's sister and brother-in-law talked him into getting a new cell phone. I guess that is what its called. Things are changing so fast I can't keep up. His sister has a new I-phone and I don't know the name of the one his brother-in-law has but they are like two teenagers. They are constantly checking their little modern machines. The temperature in Las Vegas for instance? Do I give a rat's patootie if those vacationing gamblers are freezing? I'm not there. Then he checks the temps in San Antonio. Well now we are only 30 minutes from there and from experience we know we are about three degrees warmer. They grilled and drilled John telling him who to call and what to do. When a phone would ring everyone is looking at each other saying who is that. Oh that is so and so calling so and so.. His sister decided he needed a case that attaches to his belt so she bought that. When I used his truck to go to Wal*Mart as I looked down on the seat before I got out there is his new phone. We don't lock in this small town so I saved his phone maybe. The two guys went somewhere together and his sister called them to check to see if John knew how to answer it. It seems John was trying to answer and the b-i-l was steering the wheel while John was trying to get the phone out of the case. When they left today they hadn't been gone five minutes when his phone rang. He was shaking all over. His very first "do it all alone call". He is saying hello hello and I'm yelling push the green button. When it rings again I say let me answer that thing. I hear his sister say why didn't John answer that phone? He forgot to press the green button.


jack69 said...

Us old folk and the new gadgets. Black berries, Blueberries, grapes, next is watermelons I guess.The new technology is a challenge for us. WE get one post and some forwarde from a friend who does it by blackberry. Now I have picked a lot of them, don't necessarily want to talk to one. hahahaha! GREAT entry Paula!!!.
Jack & Sherry!!!!!

Shirl 72 said...

I-pod what ever I am lost on all these gadgets.
My cellphones stays in my purse. When it rings
somebody will dsy "your purse is ringing".
I can only turn things on and off. I am left behind. Thanks for your input on spending Jack's inheritance. I need the ladies on my side.


Shirl 72 said...

sorry about the mistake should have been say
not sdy. I hate to make mistakes.


J said...

That's awesome! Yeah I'm still using flip phones myself. I'm not hip to the iphone yet. how have you been? thanks for always reading my stuff!

Kath said...

The thing is Paula theres always a new one out in such a short time and the ones who own these Iphones or Ipod whatever you wish to call them always want to be the next step up.I hear the latest one comes out this April and you can bet your bottom dollar the ones which are the lastest now have only just been bought for Christmas.Thats the speed technology is moving at and at a price too.I do understand them but I think they do get in the way of a decent conversation as they are always ringing when ever I speak with my family who have them.Interuptions Interuptions all the time.Even the Grandchildren at times don't seem to be listening for playing there internet games on them.I have my cell phone for emergancies and thats about it.Hope you get used to having one around you LOL!!They annoy me so much Grrr.Then again I'm an old fashioned Grandma I suppose He-He.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Paula...well I am so illerate when it comes to cell phones...I carry one...but only for emergencies...from me...I don't answer to anyone else...I have three numbers four...I added another one yesterday...and they know it is me calling and to just listen because I cannot hear to answer it...I have used it once...and it worked just I am confident about going out alone etc...but I haven't laughed so hard in a good while...and this post and Teddy did it for me...LOL..girl you are a hoot!!!!! and so is John and I don't even know him LOLOL....God Bless...hugs...Ora

salemslot9 said...

your John shouldn't
worry about answering
his phone while driving
I just have
an old fashioned
regular phone
but, I can
see when they
might come in handy

madcobug said...

Funny entry Paula. I don't answer my cell while driving but wait until I stop somewhere and see who it was then I call them back. Helen

Lucy said...

Paula you made my day. I agree with you on everything. I do not have a cell phone but Joe does just for emergency. He says it is mine to and I don't claim any part of it. I needed a good laugh and I got it. You are a hoot. lol

sober white women said...

I don't get it either. Hubby has a blackberry for work and he really wants to get me one. For what? I don't need to check my em ail while I drive. I don't need to facebook while I drive. Then one of the girls said well you can down load music and plug it into car radio. Really? My radio is so old I can't plug anything into it! We will see what I get in Feb.

Missie said...

I'm on addicted to my phone. I will admit. I can do everything on my phone that I do on my laptop.

Your story is funny though because I went thru the same thing with my mom and green button! LOL

Donna said...

Cliff and I have a terrible time with cell phones. We hardly know how to do anything with them. We have to have daughter or grandkids add numbers because we don't know how. Cliff is always accidentally putting his on mute because there's a button on the outside he keeps hitting. We're a mess. The only time I use mine is when Cliff and I are in a big store and are shopping in different parts of the store; then we call one another if one of us is ready to go.

Dar said...

All this technology, even this blogging, at least its easy enough.,blogging, that is. Do tell your dear John to pull over before answering his phone on the road or get a hands-free devise. My niece was severely injured because of a teen jawing on her cell phone while driving and she smacked right into my niece, leaving her with a terrible neck and back injury.
So be careful out there. We have a tracphone that we only use for travel to TX or emergencies.
Your Teddy Donkey story was a hoot...loved it
God Love ya
Blessings Be Yours

Lori said...

That is funny. But seriously, I hope John doesn't try to use it while driving. ;)