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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Preparing for the cold

The news people are telling us it is going to get really cold here the next few days. It wasn't so bad today even though the sun was not shining like we're used to. We put out two bales of hay but the cows didn't follow us to the hay yard so they weren't exactly starving. We drove around checking and found Meany has a new baby. She didn't act so mean so I may have to rename her. Shelly Marie was her usual sweet self. Butter looked healthy and Mama Twiggy didn't show her self. The rest of the gang was busy grazing on the tiny winter weeds they could find. The turtles didn't come out so I'm anxious to see on a warm sunny day if they will or if they do hibernate all winter.
In reference to my last entry I did go to the bank on our way out. I ask for the manager and the lady ask what my problem was. When I told her she said she could handle that. I explained and showed what was written in my check book register. She really wasn't all that concerned but she went over the activity of my account and all was mine. She said to watch it for a while and of course I will but I'm still puzzled who would open my check book. I wouldn't open another person's check book for any reaon.


Missie said...

Stay warm! It's going to get even colder here too.

Donna said...

I just heard the weatherman say we could have ACTUAL TEMPERATURES down to 30 below. Not wind chill, but ACTUAL TEMPERATURES!
I am ready to crawl in a hole someplace and hibernate.

BlueRidge Boomer said...

Bundle up!!'s a coming!!!


Kath said...

Supposed to be minus 8 here tonight Paula in my part of England,Happy to know your Bank Account has been checked over.I didn't send you that snowball you requested because it's all solid ice now and you would have been out for the count and hybernating too for the winter if it had hit you Heeeeeeee.Goodnight and Godbless I am off up the dances (Stairs) brrr it's the only warm place in bed right now.Take Care God Bless Kath.xx

Lucy said...

Paula be thankful you are in Texas. Thurs, Fri, Sat is supposed to be 30 below without the windchill and it is snowing AND BLOWING. BBBRRRRR

Shirl 72 said...

Paula it maybe a lesson don't leave your purse
unattended anytime. A wallet was stolen from
a pew in Charlotte. They have been stolen from
Choir Room. Be careful you never know the people who attend. (ALL KINDS)

jack69 said...

Got an idea, close the account and carry cash to buy all those cows!
Glad you had a good day, but can't you keep the COLD on that side of the Gulf. You are freezing us Florida guys to death. YOu guys have camp fires and chuck wagons and stuff, we don't have that over here! LOL
TAke care, (I know it would be nice to solve the mystery, you know it sounds like a kid, grand or other wise. Copying a name. not a grown up))

sober white women said...

Hubby showed me a calander of the usa and it looks like most of the country is in the grips of cold weather. BRRRR I know our cold weather will return soon.
Like you I would never open someone's else check book. I do hope that all of this turns out good for you.

Carlene Noggle said...


Sheila said...

Keep an eye on peoples handwriting, maybe you can figure it're a pretty good Sherlock...ha. Stay warm...Sheila

Lori said...

It's cold here too. Glad the cows are all doing well, and I hope you see the turtles out on a sunny day.

Lucy said...

I love your header. It takes me back to farm days. I thought I hated them but I guess I must not have as much as I thought. My younger grandson was here at 5:00 am to scoop where the wind drifted over out front steps. The snow was so hard he had to use AN Ice breaker to scoop the snow it was so hard. That was because our temperatures werre so cold for so long.

Lisa said...

I love your header picture, they are darling!!! I've been seeing the temps for your area and wondered how you were fairing with the cold weather. It's been really cold here and will be brutal tomorrow...yay...not.