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Friday, January 15, 2010

Rain Is The Subject

I went with John to the ranch but I didn't get out of the truck. I've heard of farming or ranching from the truck seat. That sounded like a good idea to me today. There was water standing everywhere and it rained all day. The poor old cows were standing under the trees completely bare of leaves. One cow used her beanie, she was in an old tack building which isn't used any longer. Someone had left the door open. Maybe she was smart enough to open it. Ha. In south Texas people don't provide barns for their cattle as we seldom have very cold weather and when it is cold it doesn't last long. He had to open the gate to the pens to let the cattle eat the hay we had put in the pens before. Now if it keeps raining we will have to get a bale from John's daughter's house. Then if it keeps raining we may have to buy cubes because it may be too wet to get to the hay buggy and for sure to the hay yard. There is rumors there will be an early spring and the wild flowers will be beautiful. Rain is always the main subject in our rural community. Too much rain or lack of rain.


Lori said...

Well I hope you have a beautiful spring and that you have just the right amount of rain.

alam hijau said... do you do? I'm Javanese living in Yogyakarta, Indonesian.
Nice posting, I could learn about the way you (or westerners) treat your cows. Of course, it's very different with our community usually do.
In Java (Indonesia), anyone breeding animals must have barns or cage to keep them save, be from tropical rain, wild animals and thieves, and also from breaking or destructing others' crops, for here the population is so dense, thus we close each others even in rural areas.

Kath said...

It's rain here now Paula at last as we needed it to wash all the snow away we have had this last two weeks.I hope everything doesn't end up too waterlogged.

Spring is round the corner hip hip hip hooray. Spring is round the corner and we'll soon be making hay.

This is what we sing in England.Roll On Quick I say. Heeeeeeeeeeee.Take Care God Bless Kath

jack69 said...

OH, gonna be the Cowgirl of leisure. Sounds great! Gonna be rough to do that from the truck. Can't feed the turtles nor pet whats-her-name. Oh yeah Shelly Marie. I jsut said that out loud, oh yeah Shelly Marie. Sherry said,'isn't she Paula's Cow?'
See everybody knows.
From Florida,
Sherry & Jack (a little wet in Florida also)

Lisa said...

We are going to have alot of rain tomorrow. Rain for you guys is kind of like feast or famine it seems.