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Monday, March 8, 2010

Bring Out The Clowns

For Blueridge Boomer who has pretty clown fish in her entry today:

What tickles our funny bone and makes us giggle, makes us jump up and down even wiggle.

What has unmatched clothes so very bright, oversized shoes that don't fit quite right.

Big red circles puffing their cheeks. Toys in their pockets pull out to squeak.

Suspenders holding up their baggy pants, as all around the people they sing and dance.

Unruly hair under a silly hat, they sneak up from behind to give your shoulder a pat.

They can pull a trick as fast as a flash, then to the next person they make a dash.

Up and down a parade route they tease and skip. People saying they are silly they don't give a flip.

A circus can be their job, no nine to five. So bring out the children the clowns are about to arrive.


jack69 said...

Another good one, a joy to read. LOve it.
Sherry & Jack

BlueRidge Boomer said...

Thanks....your the best!!

Dar said...

Thanks for the this day, I love the clowns and also, to this day, two of my children are horrified of them and, to this day, no one has figured out why...
nice entry...nice day
Happy Trails To You

Toon said...

I work with a former clown from Barnum and Baileys. No really. I do!