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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Helicopter Needed

Anyone have a helicopter for rent or sale CHEAP? Have you ever known something is somewhere but you can't find it? That is John's and my problem. We know something is somewhere but we can't find it. When we leave our housing addition onto a main street of sorts and up that street and across that street into a newer housing addition then our's we can see very nice new houses behind the addition we can get to. Is all this clear? At Christmas we were riding around looking at lights and decorations and we could see the pretty lights but we couldn't find how to get there so we gave up. Yesterday we were out driving around eyeing roofs and the new ridgeroll vents as John is going to need a new roof. Again we could see the pretty new houses from afar so we decided to track them down knowing there has to be a way to get near them. Every street we drove down we came to a cul-de-sac and had to turn around. Some streets ran upon an iron gate. I'm not speaking of a gated community. I'm country but I'm not that dumb. These were gates like to a ranch and this area used to be a ranch at one time and these gates appeared to be locked. We drove all around the houses and finally gave up. Today before we made our jaunt to Wal*Mart I said lets go down this one more street that could lead to that housing addition. If we don't find it we'll give up. Nope! So John not wanting for us to be outdone said lets take the next street. Well I know that is getting too far away and I also know my doctor lives on that street and it is a dead end but I drive a ways down to show John. So John says well all I know these people must get to their homes by helicopter. I say lets see if we can rent one and hover.


Kath said...

We went looking for some new bungalows we had read about which had been newly built Paula lst summer,just out of curiosity to see what they were like.These were out in the country and no way could we find the entrance to view them,,we drove everywhere like you and John.......As you stated about the gated area to private land.These new bungalows were built behind the farmhouse on there private land.Everyone who bought one got a key to the gate.We didn't find out until Rooster rang the estate agent for directions to them.Maybe more security for home buyers is becoming popular in todays world.Thats the only reason we thought why folks should have to lock up the gate each time they come and go.Theres also another housing plot like this near my home.Don't know if the ones you are trying to find are the same? Who knows in USA though, some probably do have there own helicopter pad he-he Money talks.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

Dar said...

Dear Friend Paula...try going on Goggle Earth, put the location in or even your address, and drive on the cyberspace screen...its amazing what you will see. You can even go up some driveways, drive down major highways or any road that is on a map. Play with it. It's like a map but movable. We have looked at properties for the kids this way. Really quite interesting...another site is MapQuest...
I hate the fact that the world has become so scary that folks feel the need the fence themselves in. What has ever happened to our wide open spaces.?
have a great day....Google Earth, next best thing to a chopper.
God Bless You Two and all your pets

Toon said...

What Dar said. Google Earth is pretty dang handy and you can use it to create maps with directions. Good luck.

Lucy said...

I tell ya Paula, we get lost if we go very far from home. New developments are a puzzle to us. Especially in the area my daughter lives in,it winds, dead ends, you name it. If I have to go to google earth to get to somewhere here in Lincoln, I won't go there. I already know I am old, but I will be darned if I have to google to go where I want to go.

Ally Lifewithally said...

Paula I do hope you and John eventually find a way into that new complex :o) ~ it must be so frustrating to see the lights but can't find a way in ~ Ally x

jack69 said... will probably get you to the place. The virtual turnpike. Sherry has used it to look around town.

But yeah we have had places like that bug us. But it is uaually when I getlost. hahaha!
Sherry & Jack

jack69 said...

That should say usually when I get lost. (that is every trip)