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This Way To My Blog

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Lookin" For Cable

On no not cable TV. Cable is a man from John's home town Charlotte, Texas. You see John heard Cable may have some wheels to fit his little trailer. Heaven forbid stopping and asking. Anyone in this town would know and could have told us exactly where Cable lives. So I drive up and down the streets with John telling me turn right and then left. We're looking for a place that has lots of junk cars around. Duh! Many places have junk in the yard. Oh well it was fun looking at old houses in different state of disrepair. Not making fun I used to live in a house with junk in the back yard, but not of my choice. John's hometown was an oil town with thriving businesses. when the oil dwindled the town gradually died. Almost every building in the downtown is vacant and run down. There are three churches, one grocery store, a beauty shop, several little mexican food cafes, and one convenience store left. The stop signs are faded and some of the streets are muddy with water standing. We didn't find Cable or his brother Piano.


jack69 said...

Okay, now what since we didn't find Cable or Piano, did we ever ask? Course not,us boys ain't that smart. WE like to figure it out.

Charlotte, Texas. Charlotte, NC I bet we have more run down houses that Texas Charlotte! Of course there are many beautiful homes in Charlotte, NC.

Anyway YOU don't seem to get in a truck without enjoying the ride.

OH that reminds me, once in San Francisco, Sherry was driving, me giving directions, TURN LEFT, I yelled. he turned, into a oneway street with 6 lanes of traffic coming at her. She being a Richard Petty, did a quick sliding U-turn, gave me what for then smiled and drove on. SAfer for the lady to give directions!
Jack & Sherry

Jan said...

Easing my way back to blogs ,I enjoyed your jaunt around town looking for Cable , Jan xx

Sheila said...

Is their last name wire? :)
Got you a turtle picture on my blog...
Hope you are having a nice weekend, even if you couldn't find Cable and Piano. Take care, Sheila

Lori said...

Oh I hope he finds Cable eventually. lol Cable and Piano, what nicknames!

Donna said...

Men. They need to let us help them once in a blue moon.

Toon said...

Kansas was once full of little thriving oil towns that went bust. A few of them found a way to come back to life, but most of them are sad little ghost towns.

Lisa said... Cable, or Piano! At least you had some good sightseeing while on the hunt.