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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Nervous Nellies

Yesterday was a sunny day but the wind was blowing and it was icy feeling for south Texas. The tank water had heavy ripples across it. Just what the turtles doesn't seem to like. I had to call them several times to get them out of their mud bed. Maybe I should have just let them sleep. They wouldn't come out of the water but they did eat when they could grab a piece of cat food floating. When I would raise my hand to throw the food they would dive into the water. They really seemed to be nervous and had trouble finding and grabing the food. Some of their shells look cracked and old. I'm wondering if they are going to loose their shells and maybe new ones are growing underneath. I don't know I have never associated with turtles before. I was reading an article about sea turtles at South Padre Island, Texas and how they lay their eggs on shore. Now I'm wondering about these turtle's eggs. The days aren't long enough to check every thing out. The mama cows were fine, they weren't too uspet. Maybe they are glad those teenagers are out of the house. Always wanting to eat. We stopped at the edge of the farm house yard to observe the new additions the renters have added. They bought three very large solid white turkeys. Two hens and one gobbler. I wouldn't want that gobbler to be angry at me. He is one big guy. I wanted to take a picture but I couldn't get a view without junk in the background.


jack69 said...

hahahahahaha! No view without Junk! Sounds familiar.
Enjoyed the entry. Maybe the turtles are growing new shells, I never did read about that when I was researching turtles. Now I am curious.
Glad the cows seem satisfied. We try to tie human emotions to animals, sometimes it works, sometimes not. YOu seem to connect somehow!
Sherry & Jack

Lucy said...

Hi Paula, That seems strange that the turtle shells are cracking,but maybe they do that. I saw turtles at petsmart advertised today pretty cheap but since I am babying my body probably won't get to it. No light needed or anything.

garnett109 said...

i think turle shells grow as they do

Kath said...

Just been reading about turtles Paula and it says they do not lose there shells.Your turtles I think will lay eggs in the mudd.Sent you an e. mail with a link in it LOL!! I hope you stay clear of that gobbler LOL!! Take Care God Bless Kath xx

Martha's Menagerie said...

I don't know about you but I am totally sick and tired of all the cold weather - still freezing in Florida too!

Jimmy's Journal said...

"Teenagers are out of the house" Ha Ha !

I never thought of it that way but I do remember our old mama cat and a "kitten" from her first litter still nursing with a new litter.

At a certain time in the game ya gotta turn off the tap.


Ally Lifewithally said...

Paula I hope the turtles will be OK ~ we once kept tortoises but I can't remember them having trouble with their shells ~ Glad the cows are Happy :o) ~ Ally x

Toon said...

Turtles don't grow new shells that I'm aware of. They may need some extra calcium and sunlight. See if you can wipe some mud off the shell so more sunlight can penetrate them. Land tortoises need this from time to time, so it may be true for water guys as well.

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Kay said...

Hi Paula,
You commented about my "Big Rocks". I know what you mean about sometimes the stuff doesn't work on blogspot. I've tried to leave messages sometime and they don't work. Anyway, no....I have not heard about your "Big Rock". Do you have photos