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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Our Own Personal Wildflower Garden

John mowed his yard today and I talked him in to leaving the wildflowers in his back yard. I pointed out to him along the streets that is what most are doing because the flowers are so beautiful this year. His are not as thick as I would like because he did mow them down a few years ago before they went to seed. There will be lots of scraggly yards when they finish blooming and the half dead seed are on but if you wanna win some you gotta lose some. I had to do some tall talking telling how people would die for wildflowers in their yard and pointing out important people in town who are letting them grow.He has bluebonnets, indian paintbrushes, and daisies. Some have other varieties along with these. Fence builder showed up out of the blue late this morning. He said his daughter has to have surgery on her leg. Didn't say why he didn't call but oh well. He worked all day and is trimming John's yard now. Ran out of weedeater string so John gave him the money to go buy that. He found a carpet someone was throwing away so John let him use the truck to haul it home. Then I saw someone on the next street was throwing a couch and love seat away so John mentioned that to him. He hauled that home. He has free rent for six months to fix the house up so they are getting their little nest fixed up one by one. His wife has been going out to work with him lately and driving John's work truck. Don't know what that is all about but what ever works for these little families.


jack69 said...

We are blooming also, Sherry pointed out a tiny blue flower, there were hundreds of them and I wasn't seeing them.
To tell the truth, around here you could furnish a comfortable home from the side of the road. Just up the street someone has thrown out a cedar chest, I want the wood but don't have the place to put it nor a reason to get it. HA!

I am glad to see folks doing any kind of work.
Take care and have a great spring.
Sherry & Jack

Dar said...

I love the wildflowers you have in TX. and what a nice assortment you have. I'm glad you are able to enjoy them. I wish I was there, the cabin could use some good throw-aways. LOL
Life's a true struggle right now, so any work for anyone has got to be taken seriously. Some folks seem to think you can pick up work just anywhere-but sadly, not true right now. Life has been tough.
You asked on my drought post, if we had the heat you have. Sometimes, but it's usually very short-lived. Last summer the AC was used twice. TX uses AC in summer like we use Heat sources in winter. Our average summer temp. is in the upper 70's-80's, very comfy.
Love your Header...Bless Your Easter Too Paula

Toon said...

I've always wondered why everybody wants grass only add beauty and butterflies and they don't need mowing. It's win-win-win!

Sayit-baldys said...


Lori said...

I would to have a back yard full of wildflowers! Glad you were able to talk him into leaving them alone for now.

Lucy said...

I love wild flowers. My whole yard would be full of them if I could. Love your header.

Ora said...

Hi Paula...well I have caught up..glad you had such a wonderful time with the girls...and your header pic is just beautiful...and we have made a few trips to Texas...the Dallas area...and always the wildflowers are just beautiful...we have a good size yard...but wish it was bigger so we could have a corner of wildflowers...just no space left..LOL...specially after the pool went in...sheesh...God Bless...and hugs from Ora in KY