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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Bat Cave

This is the bat cave my daughters and I visited on our girls week-end out last month. It is in what is called the "hill country" near Fredricksberg, Texas. We were not there at the right time of day to see the bats come out but it was still a nice drive out on a winding country road. There were benches for people to sit on to watch and signs warning "quiet".
To answer Toons question don't we have a dog pound around concerning the renters pet white turkeys? Yes we do have some sort of animal facility here in our town but the renters already have several small dogs and lots of cats to keep the mice and snakes under control. The turkeys are in the back yard as are their ducks. Outside the yard each tiny dog has it's own personal dog house. If they don't have a dog house at the minute I have seen them make one from the housing of an old air conditioner unit. Works in a pinch. They have guineas out side the yard too. I always thought they make a lot of noise but I never hear these. Maybe they are all one sex. I don't know anything about guineas. They have one large black lab too. They got it after John complained about the two basset hounds disrupting the "working" of cattle by constantly barking and upsetting the cattle to where they didn't want to go into the pens. Renters took the bassets to his cousin's house and got the lab who so far is well behaved. They also have a parrot in the house. What else they have in there I have no idea as they haven't invited us in lately. That is another subject: When I rented many years ago if my landlady came to the door I always invited her in. After all she was the owner. I probably didn't have a clean house back then but I still invited her in.


jack69 said...

Yeah, if a landlord came to our rental we would have let them inside. It is in our contracts, but we never go inside until they move.

Sounds like the ranch renters sure like them some animals. The cost of food would be a problem to me.

jack69 said...

Oh yeah, and about the Bat Cave. We have a town called Bat CAve in NC.

I got Sherry into a cave with bats flying once up in Michigan, she ain't asked to go back. LOL

Gerry said...

That is a very interesting looking bat cave. Also I am amazed at your renter's pets. Well, at least they changed dogs! You were probably an exceptional renter. Renters and landlords seem at odds the worlds over. Now we have inspections here! This causes people to flurry around and clean up their apartments, at least for inspection. Ha.

Toon said...

Which I'd put up a bat box years ago.

madcobug said...

Neat looking cave. Helen