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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Buck Fever

I have to explain this area is where the deer and hogs come in as it is surrounded by brush in other's properties and there are no houses or roads, in other words no activity. I feel sure kids decorated this blind maybe with the help of their Mom. I used to hunt with Mel (deceased husband) but our hunting place was west of San Antonio kind of where Sea World is now. Our blind was on the ground and in brush. Our blind was not decorated, not even repaired. In other words it was a shack. Over the years the wood rotted and we sat with sleet or rain coming in on us. Isn't that what hunting is all about? Roughing it? It had lots of Daddy Longlegs in the top corners. Since I didn't have my licence I spent time counting the spiders. One hunting season Mel got his limit the first two days of hunting season so he told me to get my licence and now I could hunt and he would sit with me. I'm just a big push over. Okay here I am with that big gun sticking out the window and a big buck stepped out of the brush. I swear it had a larger rack then either of his deer. He was having a fit. I hear in my ear "shoot honey, shoot". I say I can't see it. Well I don't know why its right in front of you. Thank goodness that pretty deer ran. Buck fever is real.


Lisa said...

I'm glad the deer ran too. My father in law has a tree stand the size of a small house and from what I am told he has all kinds of things in it like a pillow seat, ledge for his arm to rest, coffee holder and all kinds of doo-dads. I hear he fell asleep this year and the deer were right under his stand but he never knew it. HAHAHA.

jack69 said...

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, the great white lady hunter just did not want to shoot Bambie!

To be honest, I have hunted a lot, never killed a deer and I love Venison. So I eat what others shoot and give me. ha!
Never had a chance to have Buck fever, because none ever came where I was (Or I was asleep).

madcobug said...

Glad that you couldn't see the deer and it moved on LOL. Fancy deer stand. Helen

Marty said...

Hooray for the deer and good for you!

Toon said...

No offense, but I'm glad you had a moment of panic and the deer got away.