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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Fish Heaven

we awoke to the sound of rain yet again this morning. I've lost count but I think it has been three days and nights in a row of raining off and on. Sometime soft and gentle and sometime hard. We're beginning to feel like fish but you won't hear us complaining. Yesterday it flooded at Three Rivers south of us and we kinda wanted to go there. John and I have this thing about looking at water. We contained ourselves until after supper and we had barely brushed the corn out of our teeth when we headed south. We didn't go all the way to Three Rivers but instead went to Tilden and Campbellton. We were high and dry on the paved road but could look down at the water out of the banks of the creeks and rivers. The wildflowers that direction were mostly different but pretty too. Mostly yellow, brown, and beige. It wasn't a smart idea to take a diretic and go driving but it did give me an excuse to pull off on a pretty country road. If you gotta go you gotta go. We made a large circle and pulled into the drive-way at dusk. Day light savings time is good for something. It keeps old people from being out after dark.


Lucy said...

That is so true, when you gotta go you gotta go. We used to ride around on country roads just to get away from traffic and city. SO I know what you mean.

Lisa said...

LOL, barely brushed the corn out of your WERE in a hurry!!! ;)

Ora said...

Yuppers...good to get out and check out the lay of the land...and yes it is good to get home before dark!!!! and have a good time while doing all this!!! LOL...just doesn't get any better than this huh??? love and hugs...Ora

Dar said...

Be a love and send some of that rain North to Wisconsin. Sure would like to see our creeks and rivers swelling. We will remain patient. Dang those water pills, mine seem to always wait until I lay down in bed before they kick in. Pulling over for relief is when the guys have it easy.

jack69 said...

Glad you got the ride in. Also glad for the rain.
Maybe youcan get the boat out at the ranch and do some row, row, row the boat in the tank.
From NC

Sayit-baldys said...


barb said...

just got caught up on last few entries, ooooh how i know about the lasix!!! hubby wants to go out for breakfast and ride every am so i wait til i get home to take mine----then it is run run all afternoon!! we are getting ready to head north next week. if we get to your town at a decent hour and i had you phone number we would call and maybe have a bean and cheese taco. our lawn in full of those little round things with the pretty yellow flower--look nice now--but when we get back in november the dang things will be brown with spikes. they stick to your shoes and no a great job on the rug--ouch.we are having lots of rain too. barb

Fernan said...

"If you gotta go you gotta go. We made a large circle and pulled into the drive-way at dusk. Day light savings time is good for something. It keeps old people from being out after dark."
Ever so true out back a 1/2 mile or more away or another field down the road I carry three them compact restaurante dispenser napkins in a pocket when the run or runs ain't gonna be a short one.
Have to told you how pretty you are when you laugh?
Frieda cracked up.

Toon said...

At least the rain cleans pollen out of the air. Consider yourselves lucky!