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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Had To Get My Boots Out

Yep had to get my boots out 'cause the BS got deep. When this one particular man comes over to talk to John he will never sit down. He is in a hurry but he stays at least an hour or longer telling tales. He is just inside to door with one hand on the door facing and John and I take our seat. This time it started out us talking about the lack of rabbits in this area now days. Then it went on to wild hogs and deer. Somehow it spread to rattlesnakes. John had to tell him about when he and his brother were young and hunting rattlesnakes and drinking, a bad combination. He says they sold them, to who I don't know. One night they were in his brother's car. The next morning when his brother had to go to work he called John and ask how many snakes were in the box last night? John said 18 I think. His brother said thats what I thought but now there are only 17. So John took the tractor over and they pulled the car out into the field and opened all four doors wide open and left it there for two days hoping the snake would get hot and crawl out. Then friend had to tell about his biker friend with long hair and long beard thought it would be cool to have some pet rattlesnakes. So he got two and put them in an aquarium on his coffee table. One night somehow they got out. His family said they would not go back into that house until those snakes were gone. So biker buddy is down on the floor crawling around looking for said snakes. When he raises his head he is even with a plant on the bay window, he and one of the snakes are looking at each other eye to eye. The one tale I can attest to when we lived at the ranch we saw a cat charming a rattlesnake. The snake was coiled with it's head straight up. The cat was circling, they were eyeing each other. John threw a cedar post and broke the spell. The snake went east and the cat went west.


Dar said...

I shudder to think what would have happened if the one that got away in the car decided to strike while they were driving down the road....MERCY...snakes and I do not get on too well. My sis had one wrapped around her neck at a reptile show at school, until she got nervous and the snake sensed it and began to tighten its 'charm'...scared the bejeebers outa me.
As for having to get your boots out, my neighbor Gene will call if he sees one of my sisters visiting me, and say that he had to take the long way home cause it was piled so high on the highway that he was afraid of sliding in the ditch. Such a kidder.
Have a great weekend Paula

Donna said...

You gotta love men when the BS gets deep.

jack69 said...

I love 'sea stories' when I have the time to waste. It is like reading a good book (if the tails are interesting.)
I used to love to catch snakes. My Sherry has been in the woods so long now that she just says, 'snake ahead' of snake in the trail' and keeps on walking. (EXCEPT IT IT IS A RATTLER, that is a snake of a different story!)
We don't like rattlers. We camped once in Montana where the rattlers were too thick.

But glad you had your boots on, it gets so messy in shoes!

Fernan said...

As always pretty Lady you entertain me. our comment upon my last blogg effort brought tars of laughter to our eyes.
Thank You Dear Lady
Bless you
What's His Name

Toon said...

My dad is like that and all his old buddies are like that. "I can only stay for a minute///" becomes over an hour of Obama bashing and tall tales they've all told each other a hundred times before.