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Monday, April 19, 2010

Is John Afraid Of Ghost?

He says no, he had sandals on and could not walk in Amphion cemetary in the wet grass. Yes I just found out Amphion is known as a ghost town. I didn't see any ghost even in the cemetary but you can bet I wouldn't go there alone at night. When they call it a ghost town I think they mean all the businesses and people are gone. I found out it was a town at one time that was by-passed by the railroad like so many others so it just gradually disappeared. Of course the cemetary couldn't disappear so that is all that is left of that Texas town. Some think Amphion got its name from a figure in Greek mythology but who knows? It does have some interesting history as it was located on the ranch of Jose Antonio Navarro a signer of The Declaration Of Independence. There are at least two graves of veterans of The Civil War and one of a boy killed by Indians. I hope to go back when it is dry and have a better look around, but not expecting to see any ghost.


Kay said...

I always try to walk around the actual graves when we go up to where our parents are buried and I try not to step on the headstones.

jack69 said...

Soooo, now you will test the ghosts! LOL
I love to investigate tombstones at times. They are interesting. The older the more interesting they are. Strange one is still there and noted as 'Killed but the Indians'. That was a terrible time for whites and Indians. Of course the Civil war was terrible for both sides, also.
Keep envestigating and reporting.

Toon said...

See, I would love to go there at night -- just to see what kind of feelings and vibes I'd pick up. Try it!!

Lucy said...

I would not like to go but one time. It looks so desolate.

Marty said...

Very nice photos and not at all "ghostly." But I don't blame John for not wanting to walk around a wet graveyard with sandals.

Sheila said...

Continue to enjoy your week, can't wait to hear about your next adventure. Take care, Sheila

Lisa said...

I would like to go at night just to get myself worked up in to a scared frenzy! I bet you would see ghosts at night, not that they would be real but you would see them!! :)