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Thursday, April 15, 2010

This & That

Our streets are rivers today. We got the rain we were starting to need. The cows and turtles will be on their own for a few days as it will be too muddy to drive at the ranch except to the farm house and the rain guage. The renters white turkeys weren't looking too white last time we were out. I'll bet after today they are brown. They have bought or traded for more ducks. They said a panther or a bob cat got the others. We never saw either of those animals when we lived out there. Toon in answer to your question: We do have cockleburrs. If it bites or stings we have it. To Sam: Good joke about cactus, thanks.


salemslot9 said...

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jack69 said...

I love the line, "If it bites or stings, we have it." NOw that is funny!

Dar said...

Paula, too funny, the ballerina mauw. I love her. Glad you got much needed rains. Friends in KoKoMo had bobcats AND cougar (panther), killing their small livestock. Be careful out there, especially if you have the cougars. They can get huge and aggressive, especially if they are hungry. We have them here too.

Lori said...

Glad you're getting some rain. We're getting t-showers this evening, then it's supposed to be dry for another week. That's the way I like it -- a shower when needed, then some nice dry days in between to cut the grass that the rain brought on.