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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Butting Bulls Contest

I know Lucy really does like bulls but she just doesn't want to be in the same pasture with them. I posted this picture for her. We didn't hang around to see who won.
Alex sent us some fine rain so it was too wet to haul hay as we had planned. We went to San Antonio instead and did some people watching. In our favorite thrift store I was checking the books out. The furniture and TV's are near the books. Out of the corner of my eye I see what looks like a gentleman sitting in a chair watching a TV. He has his back to me so I can get a good look. He is almost on top of the TV and has on suspenders with jeans and an old straw hat. His arms were thrown helter scelter to the sides. He looked so much like a scarecrow my first reaction was the store had put it there for---well I don;t know what for. Then I realize he is sound asleep. My thoughts were where is Marty with his spycam when I need him.
On to the the Golden Corral (I promise I controlled myself) and directly behind John and in my colorful view there was a young man and his lady and child. Now I'm used to tattoos and all kind of rings and even the baggy pants but this guy got my attention. He had two metal rods hanging out of his nose down toward his mouth. I thought this is going to be a sight to see if he decides to eat. His lady looked kinda cute with black short shorts and cute sandals. I've never seen a hair style quite like her's. I know there is a lot of bleaching going on and her's was bleached in places and very black in others but the odd thing was the way her hair was cut. It was short in places and long in places and then she had a big colorful flower toward the front and I know that is in style too. I've even seen that out here in Wal*Mart. Their little girl was dressed like you might expect a little girl to be dressed and sweet. Somehow I could just picture them all entering a PTA meeting. The guy did eat and I tried my best not to stare. Guess he had done that before 'cause he managed.


BlueRidge Boomer said...

Interesting to people watch!!


Toon said...

Wal-Mart attracts all varieties of human.

jack69 said...

Yep, you can see some sights. Good shot of the bulls.

I saw something to that effect with a guys nose the other day. I asked Sherry, wonder what he does if he had a cold and runny nose? Nasty thoughts I know, but my biggest question is WHY?

From NC

Lucy said...

Paula, I guarantee you if their were 50 people in a pasture and I was in the middle that blasted bull would go after me. But thanks for the picture. I hope they get to tired to chase anyone. Unless you see my daughter in laws son you have no idea what a tattoo is like. I don't want to know but I think their might be one place he may not have a tattoo and I never ever want to see that place.

Sayit-baldys said...


madcobug said...

Hee hee you had an interesting day. Especially the people watch. Helen

Sheila said...

Interesting people watch...Have a great holiday weekend...Sheila